Appliances and Electronics

Appliances and electronics represent a significant monetary investment for the insured. Large screen televisions, computers and stereos are found in most homes and businesses.

Like clothing, some electronics can become outdated and out of style. But in any case, the customer is entitled to have it cleaned and deodorised. McArdles takes control of the process when electronics are involved in a fire, or smoke damage they should be inspected first, then cleaned and tested for operation.

  1. Consider the finish present.
    1. Porcelain (stoves, washers)
    2. Enamel Paint
    3. Plastics
  2. Cleaning
    1. Neutralise acid residue immediately
  3. Mechanical components
  4. Refrigerator or freezer
    1. Power loss resulting in severe contamination and odour.
  5. All appliances checked for safe operations.
  6. Operate units for several hours / days or several cycles and monitor if problems arise.

E.g. (television, VCR, stereos, tape decks, CD players, computers, etc); list serial numbers before removing from the property.

  1. Clean exterior
    1. Inspect interior
    2. Clean interior
  2. Operate units for several hours/ days or several cycles and monitor if problems arise.

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