Bowling Disaster; Timber Floor Drying

At McArdles, we specialise in structural drying of all different types of materials, including timber floors and timber floorboards. We were called onsite for emergency drying of the Bathurst Tenpin Bowling Alley, located at 45 Mitre Street, Bathurst NSW 2795. The water ingress entered the property via the box guttering overflowing on the ceiling. Surprisingly, a Frisbee was found to be the cause of the water intrusion, blocking one of the drainage points.

Dwayne, the owner, was in a distressed state. We began our initial report process, documenting and scoping the affected area. We faced several challenges due to the environment and situation at hand. The main concerns to consider were:

  1. Business operations: Dwayne wanted to resume operations as soon as possible.
  2. Bowling Alley Timber: The timber on the lanes is a maple decking specifically designed for bowling lanes. The owner advised that the humidity of the timber should not drop below 45% or exceed 55%.
  3. Access: Limited access was available underneath the bowling lanes due to the construction of the structural framing and joists.

We proceeded with the task at hand, aiming to successfully dry the affected area and restore the property to its pre-loss condition. This had to be done without direct access to the water-logged materials, while ensuring minimal disruption to business operations and prioritising the health and safety of the building occupants, general public, and our own technicians. Additionally, we had to consider the limitations of the timber flooring on the bowling lanes.

To address these challenges, we consulted Garry Carroll from Australian Cleaning & Restoration Academy, a timber floor and structural drying specialist in Australia. With his expertise and our own knowledge, we devised a resolution. Fortunately, there was one piece of equipment available that met all the necessary criteria.

We installed the DBK Drymatic II, mounting four units discreetly in the ceiling cavity. They operated on a push-pull setup, effectively controlling the environment and managing the challenges we faced. The equipment runs silently and remains out of sight, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt business operations, compromise workplace health and safety for the general public and building occupants. With the capability to regulate humidity levels, the equipment maintains the timber flooring within the desired range, preserving its integrity.

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