Last week, we had a phone call from a local business in Orange NSW, they advise that they were broken into and glass has gone throughout the entire shop, they would like us to attend and remove the glass.
Emergency Glass Clean-up From Break & Enter in Orange NSWOne of our office team members attended within 30 minutes of them calling us so we assess the details and can provide an accurate estimation of how much and how long the clean-up would take.

We provide estimates and work with insurance companies on a weekly basis with all hazardous material and restoration clean-up type of emergency events. From water damage properties that have had a burst pipe go through their home or business, to fire, mould, air quality and in this particular case; Break & Enter Glass Shard Clean-Up.

  • We attended and assessed the situation and provide useful information on how to handle all parties that are involved in the situation.
  • We relayed with all interested parties from regional managers to casual staff members in how to control the situation and handle customers, stock and glass injuries.
  • We arrived on the same day and performed the clean-up and recommendations that were provide to management and approved.
  • We documented the non-salvageable items such as; clothing, carpet, shoes, helmets and any porous material items that were in the area of the initial glass breakage.
  • We provide a full detailed document with serial, make and model numbers and a photo of the items damaged by the glass.
  • The entire shop was cleaned from top to bottom removing all glass shards and fragments to allow a safe environment for all the customers and staff.

For all your emergency clean up needs call us on (02) 6361 8447 

Thankyou to the Mcardles Team!

Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Horseland Orange NSW

5* quick and effective services to help my shop open after a serious break in. The team cleaned my store, removed glass scattered everywhere and helped move all of the damaged stock.

Huge Thankyou to Luke coming to my Rescue and organizing the clean!

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