Dealing with a burst pipe in your home can be stressful, but taking immediate action is crucial to minimise damage. Here are some steps to follow if you encounter a burst pipe in Orange NSW or Bathurst NSW:

It’s important to know the location of your stopcock or main water supply valve. Typically, it can be found under the sink, in the bathroom, cloakroom, under the stairs, in the garage, or on the front lawn. Familiarize yourself with its location beforehand to act quickly in case of a burst pipe.

Shut off the water supply by using the stopcock. Additionally, open all cold taps and flush toilets to drain the remaining water from the pipe. Turn off the water heating system and open all hot taps to help empty the water supply system. This will help stop the leak once there is no more water in the pipe.

 If water is leaking through the ceiling, place a bucket or container beneath the leak to catch the water and prevent it from spreading further.

If the leak has gone unnoticed for a while, upper floors and ceilings may have become unstable due to retained water. Avoid walking on bulging floors, as they could collapse.

Turn off the electrical mains immediately if there is any chance of water coming into contact with electrical appliances. Never touch wet electrical equipment to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Contact a professional plumber to repair the burst pipe. Some insurance companies may cover the cost of emergency repairs, including labor, parts, and temporary accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable. Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer this service.

After the leak is under control, open windows and doors to ventilate the affected areas and help dry out any moisture.

Take pictures of the affected areas using your smartphone or digital camera. This documentation will be helpful when filing an insurance claim and for the restoration process.

Inform your home insurance provider promptly to initiate the claims process. They will arrange for an assessor to inspect the damage and guide you through the necessary steps.

By following these steps and documenting the damage, you can expedite the repairs and ensure a smoother claims process with your insurance provider.

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