Industrial Sweeping & Car Park Sweeping Service

A car park can quickly become one of the most unclean areas in your property. With the constant coming and going of vehicles; dirt, grease, oil and other material can accumulate, which can look unsightly but also create potential hazards for people who use the car park.

The team at McArdles are specialists in car park maintenance and cleaning. We focus on providing a high quality deep clean of small, medium and large car parks for residential strata unit complexes, commercial and industrial properties throughout.

We use superior sweeping machinery

Best car park sweeping guaranteed

Car park sweeping or large industrial warehouse sweeping has been our core service for over a decade.
We understand the importance of a thorough sweep and clean for any car park we do.

We focus on not only providing the best possible result for our clients but ensure we always stay ahead of the game with technology; whether it be our high-end sweepers or sophisticated high-pressure cleaning systems that blast away even the most stubborn of stains.

Our car park sweeping service provides a deep clean and is satisfaction guaranteed.

Routine or spring clean

Full service car park sweeping that suits you

Need your car park swept and cleaned regularly, year-round? Perhaps you only need a spring clean now and then. Either way, the seasoned team at McArdles is available to provide your property with the highest quality car park sweeping service available.

We work all around Orange, Bathurst & Central West and provide car park sweeping to clients including: strata unit complexes, commercial shopping centres, office buildings and industrial warehouses.


100% Eco-Friendly Chemicals


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 


Fully Insured Public Liability and Workers Compensation

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