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Professional Carpet Repair & Installation

McArdles can do carpet repairs quickly and professionally.

Carpet repair and restoration can be done in as little as half an hour depending on the size and severity of the damage.

McArdles also offers the most competitive pricing for different carpet repair services!

Professional carpet repair service is what McArdles ensures by adhering to various quality carpet repair standards:

  • Exact fit of carpet to the room
  • Proper placement of carpet underlay
  • Correct positioning of joint and seams
  • Wrinkle-free look of the carpet
  • Removal of loose fibres for a clean look

Before and After Photos

Before After
Before After

Carpet repair requires expertise to carry out works efficiently and achieve results that show invisible signs of patch works or repairs. As a trusted and experienced carpet repairer, McArdles specialises in:

  • Pet damage
  • Iron burns
  • Fraying seams
  • Stain repairs
  • Carpet burns
  • Tears
  • Joins
  • Stair replacement

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