Cleaning Services in Orange NSW, Bathurst NSW, Forbes NSW, Cowra NSW

Are you planning a repair or renovation project? Cleaning services are available in your area to ensure a successful and efficient process. With over 20 years of experience in builder cleans and post-renovation cleaning services, our company understands the importance of thorough cleaning after a renovation. Properly cleaned surfaces can protect your carpet and expensive flooring, preserving the quality of your investment. We are committed to supporting our clients throughout the entire repair process, being present during the works to understand your specific needs.

To help you achieve an efficient repair, we have compiled a list of tips:

Consider your budget and calculate the estimated expenses for the repair. This will help you prioritise and avoid unnecessary costs. Think about the desired outcome of your project – whether you want spacious rooms or cosy smaller areas. Planning ahead and sticking to a budget will prevent overspending.

Setting a timeline for each stage of the repair will help control expenses. It’s easy to get carried away with new ideas during the process, leading to increased costs. Establishing deadlines and adhering to a schedule is crucial. Deviating from the planned timeline by up to three months is considered normal.

If you’re considering complex redevelopment, it’s advisable to consult an architect or professional. They can guide you through housing inspection requirements and regulations, ensuring compliance. Alternatively, you can opt for zoning to create distinct areas within a space, using light walls or sliding shelves to divide rooms.

If you’re renovating a newly built property, having a design project in place is essential. A well-designed project will facilitate the entire process, allowing repair specialists to provide accurate estimates and predict expenses. A reasonable deviation from the planned budget is typically up to 20%.

By following these tips, you can save both time and money during your repair project. Remember, a successful repair is not just about the beginning but also the proper completion. When you need post-renovation cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you and ensure a clean and pristine finish to your project.

Here are some services we provide:

McArdles Cleaning & Restoration Technicians are the “face” of our business and more than likely the people you will have the most contact with. All of our technicians are highly trained – not only in the professional services they provide, but also in customer service. We see staff technical training as being a very important aspect of our service and hold frequent training sessions where all of our staff have the opportunity to develop and extend their knowledge.