Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Once we have your carpets or rugs thoroughly cleaned, then why not discuss a regular carpet cleaning maintenance program design-made to your needs and budget. At an agreed and regular date, we can give your carpets a top-up clean so that they always stay in tip-top condition.

Not only does it create a better impression for your employees, clients or guests, but regular maintenance is also known to prolong the life of your carpets, saving you money in the long term.

At McArdles, we understand that time is money. For this reason, our hot water extraction system is a low-moisture process which dries completely within 1-2 hours, allowing minimal disruption. Alternatively, we offer an after-hours carpet cleaning service.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

A commercial carpet installation is a significant investment for any business both in monetary terms and overall facility image.

Quite often carpets are neglected which not only dramatically reduces the life expectancy of the carpet but also the presentation of your business to your customers. A consistent and effective carpet cleaning maintenance program can maintain your facility image and extend the life of your carpet.

Reasons to have a commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program

  • Prolongs the life of your carpet significantly

  • Protects indoor air quality

  • Creates a unique psychology that enhances quality of life

  • Elevates a sense of well-being which is the essence of good health

  • Sends caring messages and images

  • Ensures sanitation

  • Serves as a form of insurance that reduces risk and prevents crisis

  • Removes spots and stains (protects carpet from further damage)

  • Manages waste and hazards

  • Prevents build-up of allergens and bacteria

  • Enhances the appearance and speaks volumes about the overall cleanliness of a facility

  • Improves worker morale

  • Improves aesthetics of the business

  • Maintains the carpet’s warranty (most carpet warranties require that the carpets to be cleaned using the extraction method within a specific amount of time)

A customised carpet care program consists of 5 elements:

Soil Prevention

Isolation or containment of soil by proper mat placement and interior and exterior hard surface cleaning.

Routine Vaccuuming

The scheduled frequency for removal of dry soil.

Spot and Spill Removal

Attending to problems as soon as they arise.

Interim Maintenance Cleaning

Scheduled cleaning to all heavy traffic areas.

Deep Cleaning

A thorough clean using hot water extraction steam cleaning.

Preventing the transfer of soil is one of the best and most cost-effective methods to keep your carpets looking great and preventing damage.

  • The use of mats – it is important to use both outdoor and indoor mats to keep dirt entering or spreading through the building. Exterior mats should be capable of scraping debris and have the capability to hold that material. Interior mats should remove smaller particles of dirt, oils and liquids. Mats that extend for 6-15 feet inside an entranceway will trap 80% of soil and moisture from the first 5 or 6 steps. Protective mats should be used around food stations, water coolers, elevators and stairs.

  • Keeping Parking lots, sidewalks and entrances clean – regular hard surface cleaning will cut down the tracking of debris.

  • Replace air filters and inspect air ducts for build-up of contaminants.

Routine vacuuming is the removal of dry soil from the carpet. Vacuuming your carpet regularly prevents this build-up and minimises the impact on the appearance of the carpet, as well as lifting the carpet pile. It is recommended that vacuuming should occur on a daily basis in a commercial environment.
The longer that a spot or stain remains on the carpet, the greater the potential for permanent staining. We recommend a timely response to ensure best results. You MUST ACT QUICKLY and call McArdles on 02 6361 8447
Interim maintenance cleaning is cleaning for appearance improvement, which can postpone or limit the need for a deep clean. McArdles uses the encapsulation cleaning process for our interim maintenance cleaning contacts. Encapsulation is a highly efficient, very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning method, recommended for lightly soiled carpet and used as an interim between restorative cleaning. It leaves your carpet clean, fresh and quick to dry – allowing you to walk on within minutes!
McArdles uses hot water extraction steam cleaning when required to complete a deep clean of commercial carpet. Deep cleaning is used to clean the carpet to a relatively clean condition and uses systems that extract soils and cleaning residues at a higher intensity to maximise results. Frequencies of deep cleaning depend on the effectiveness of maintenance, traffic intensity or manufacturers requirements. Hot water extraction steam cleaning is McArdles preferred method of cleaning and guarantees best results! One of the most beneficial features of deep cleaning is its capability of removing deep down soils.

If you’re a commercial business and appreciate reliability, quality and understanding, McArdles is the place to call! We’ll make light work of cleaning your carpet and leave it looking as good as new. Why not contact us today and speak to our experienced team on 02 6361 8447 to discuss a project or a regular maintenance program. We look forward to hearing from you!

McArdles provide commercial and industrial carpet cleaning services across a wide range of environments.

Such things include Hotels, Bars, Pubs, Schools, Gyms, Industrial Warehouse, Stadium, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Bowling Alleys, Universities, Offices, Hospitals, Retail Outlets, Church, Cinemas, Doctors Surgery, Clubs, Factories, Shopping Centres, Motels and much more.


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