Is your lounge looking worn and dirty? Why not try McArdles Cleaning we offer a high quality service on upholstery lounge cleaning. We take the time and care to give you amazing results.  Depending on the type of fabric, Our technicians determine the right method to clean it using our procedure. In this case it was a dog hair upholstery clean.

McArdles attended a call about a dog hair lounge clean, first we conducted a pre Inspection of the fabric and the soiling. Also if there are any damages or the family are chemical sensitive or have any allergies.  Then we test a small area for colour fasting.  We use a upright HEPA filter vacuum with a power head to thoroughly pre vacuum before we start pre conditioning. For a 50%      better clean we use agitation to loosen the soiling.

Once all these are complete we move onto a full steam and rinse clean lifting all the odour and soil leaving your upholstery looking like new and feeling fresh. A neutralise and deodoriser is then applied leaving it smelling nice, rotary dry padding then begins for a sit on dry with the help of our drying fans.

Dog hair is very difficult to remove thats why we have these steps, so we can do our best for our clients and get to the goals we are looking for. We have quality equipment and products that we are proud to use and show our clients what they are capable of.

Our client was very surprised on how much soiling and dog hair we managed to remove    from the lounge. Also how bright in colour   and fresh it looked after the drying process, she was very happy. In her words “ I haven’t  seen it that clean in ages I’m impressed”. We managed to remove all her stains from wear and tear without a drama. A family with kids and Animals can get a bit messy but thats no problem with McArdles Cleaning here to help in every way possible.

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McArdles Cleaning & Restoration Technicians are the “face” of our business and more than likely the people you will have the most contact with. All of our technicians are highly trained – not only in the professional services they provide, but also in customer service. We see staff technical training as being a very important aspect of our service and hold frequent training sessions where all of our staff have the opportunity to develop and extend their knowledge.