Are you tired of your worn and dirty lounge? Look no further than McArdles Cleaning for high-quality upholstery lounge cleaning services. We take great care and attention to deliver amazing results, tailored to the specific needs of your fabric. In this case, we were called to perform a dog hair upholstery clean in Orange, NSW and Bathurst, NSW.

Before starting the cleaning process, our technicians conduct a thorough pre-inspection of the fabric and assess the level of soiling. We also take note of any damages, chemical sensitivities, or allergies in the household. To ensure the safety of the fabric, we perform a small patch test to check for colorfastness. Our first step is to use an upright HEPA filter vacuum with a power head to effectively remove any loose dog hair and debris.

To achieve a 50% better clean, we employ agitation techniques to loosen stubborn soiling. Once the pre-conditioning and agitation are complete, we move on to a full steam and rinse clean. This process effectively lifts away odors and deeply embedded soil, leaving your upholstery looking refreshed and like new. To ensure a fresh scent, we apply a neutralizer and deodorizer, leaving your lounge smelling pleasant. Our rotary dry padding technique combined with the use of drying fans allows for a quicker drying time.

Dog hair can be challenging to remove, but our dedicated steps and quality equipment enable us to achieve outstanding results for our clients. Our client was pleasantly surprised by the amount of soiling and dog hair we managed to remove from the lounge. The brightness and freshness of the upholstery after the drying process left her impressed. She expressed her satisfaction, stating, “I haven’t seen it that clean in ages.” We were able to remove all stains from wear and tear without any issues. McArdles Cleaning understands that families with kids and animals can create messes, but we are here to help in every possible way.

If you’re in need of upholstery cleaning services, especially for dog hair removal, trust McArdles Cleaning to provide exceptional results. We take pride in using quality equipment and products to deliver the best outcomes for our clients, leaving your lounge looking and feeling rejuvenated.

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