Dry Standards of Materials

Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME)

  • For Timber and Timber Framing
    • Between 9% and 15% is Dry Standard

Gyprock Scale (GS)

  • For Gyprock Sheeting
    • Less than 0.6% is Dry Standard
    • Less than 12%WME

Moisture Content (MC)

  • Concrete
    • Less than 4.5% on a Concrete Moisture Meter (Tramex CME 4) is Dry Standard
    • If resilient flooring is being installed, drill a 19mm wide hole in the concrete slab, install Tramex sleeves to the depth of 40% of the slab. 1 sleeve per 10m2. Leave the sleeve in the slab for 72 hours before taking a Hygrometer reading which should be between 21 & 27deg & under 75% RH
  • Carpet
    • Less than 15% is Dry Standard

Heat Drying

  • Starting temperature & humidity to be recorded
  • Room temperature to be recorded at every attendance
  • Temperature gain to be recorded at every attendance
  • Humidity changes to be recorded at every attendance
  • Surface temperature to be recorded at every attendance
  • Heat Drying an area = Temperature Gain to the surfaces/room & Relative Humidity Reduction
  • Target drying = Temperature Gain to the surface & Relative Humidity Reduction

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