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Heat drying systems dry wet materials by circulating heated air throughout the affected area or by focusing thermal energy directly on the wet materials.

A variety of equipment should be used to determine the scope of the water damage restoration project and monitor drying progress and environment conditions.

Air treatment equipment is designed to alter or remove airborne contaminates, classified as particulates or gases. Particulates are solids and can be organic (e.g. mould, pollen, bacteria and viruses), or inorganic (e.g. asbestos, mineral dust, soot and ash).

IICRC Standard and Guideline for Airmover and Dehumidifier and Air Scubbers Installation

In addition to the systems designed to operate with high pressure centrifugal and axial airmovers, specially designed unit exist that create even higher-pressure airflow

Dehumidification is the process of removing moisture from air. The two primary dehumidification technologies used in the drying industry are refrigerant and desiccant

Water can be efficiently remove from the structure, system and contents using extraction units with sufficient vacuum capability (lift and airflow).

Airmovers are devices typically designed for or used in the professional water damage restoration industry. This equipment can be used to direct airflow at or across wet materials, to accelerate evaporation, to provide ventilation, or to create an air pressure differential between tools provided a speed control mechanism allowing a consistent rate of extraction over larger areas.


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