Drying Principles

Drying is the process of removing moisture from materials and involves the sciences of psychrometry and moisture mechanics in materials. Drying principles;

  1.  Open assemblies to access pockets of saturation; McArdles will open assemblies (e.g. walls, stairs, flooring, wall base areas, voids, built-in) to access pockets of saturation. Methods of opening assemblies can include but are not limited to drilling hole(s) or removing other components of the construction.
  2.  Maintain water vapour pressure differential in all phases of the process; McArdles will maintain water vapour pressure differentials in the affected area during all phases of the drying process by controlling the humidity in the surrounding air through dehumidification or ventilation. McArdles can add energy into wet materials increasing water vapour pressure and providing energy for phase change of water.
  3. Increase the internal water vapour pressure of materials once surface water has evaporated; for low evaporation materials (e.g. plaster, wood, concrete, masonry, double brick) McArdles will increase the internal water vapour pressure by adding more energy into wet materials.

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