Emergency Make Safe

McArdles operates 24/7 and is ready to respond at a moments notice, and can arrive to the affected property within 3 to 4 hours from the first call.

One part of our emergency response procedure we provide the customer with information relating to everything we do, this information includes but is not limited too

  • McArdles emergency response procedure
  • McArdles WH&S guidelines
  • Information Packet about Category and Class of Water Losses
  • First response we proceed with the third step of the water damage principles
  • Businesses receive immediate attention rather than waiting in a claims queue for something to happen.
  • It speeds up any claims processes because our reports are prepared and sent within 24 hours of us attending the location.

First three steps of the water damage principles

  • Perform a risk assessment and provide a duty of care for our workers and the occupants of the property.
  • Detailed reporting assessment, provided to both the insurance company and client.
  • Full scope of works, including inventory list.
  • Containing the loss and preventing any further damage so that items can be restored rather than destroyed. Under most insurance policies, the person or business insured is under obligation to report a loss as soon as possible and do their best to prevent further damage wherever possible.
  • Start emergency water extraction & removal of bulk water.

Once the first three steps have been addressed, we provide a scope of works and a detailed quotation for works to continue

  • Cleaning
    • Initial clean-up
    • Contents cleaning
    • Structural cleaning
  • Drying Process
    • Contents drying
    • Structural drying
  • Complete the Restoration Project

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