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HEPA Air Filter – 500 CFM Air Scrubber

HEPA Air Filter – 500 CFM Air Scrubber

    • Air cleaners, Dust Control, Mould remediation, Odour Control

HEPA Air Filter – 500 CFM Air Scrubber

19Kg, 625mm H × 665mm W × 462mm D

This is a unit we use frequently for fire restoration and mould remediation work. Its task is to filter out air contaminates during a restoration of a property.

Available to Purchase or to Hire. Call for Pricing.

$- EX GST per day

$- EX GST for seven days

Applications  :

Mould Remediation

These are very effective units for filtering indoor mould air spores. An essential part of most mould remediations we conduct here.

Clean Rooms

Clean rooms in hospitals, laboratories, IVF fertility clinics etc need to have clean air to ensure there is no contamination

Construction Sites

If you are in a situation where there is an unsafe work environment created due to construction dust (concrete, MDF) you can install Hepa Filtration units to filter the air

Fire Damage and Smoke Odour

They can also be used in fire damage clean ups where the smoke odour needs to be controlled. A carbon filter can be applied to for this application.

Office Use

If your office has contamination or indoor air quality issues. You can install a few air movers around the office to help clean the air

Hepa Purifier Standard Rental Details

Standard hire period for our Hepa rentals are 3 days. Rental cost for air scrubbers start at $99 inc GST per day however, there is a percentage discount for weekly and monthly rentals.

In addition to this, you will need to purchase a pre-filter, which we can supply. They are approximately $30 each and need to be purchased for each use. The pre filter is a filter placed in front of the Hepa filter to filter out course dust particles. It is essential a pre filter is used, or the Hepa filter inside the unit can be destroyed.

Rental Contract

A rental contract will need to be signed with every hire and a copy of a drivers licence will need to be kept on file. We will follow all privacy legislation.

Air Scrubber Hire FAQ’s

Can the air scrubbers be used for asbestos?

Unfortunately, the our air scrubbers cannot be used with asbestos. As a courtesy for the next client who hires our equipment, we do not allow any asbestos to run though our Hepa primary filters. If the air scrubbers are used for asbestos you may be liable for a Hepa primary filter replacement and a decontamination clean cost for the rest of the unit.

Specifications :

230 V
Min Airflow:
713 M³ / Hour
Max Airflow:
562 M³ / Hour (Approx 430CFM)
Amp Draw:
1.5 Amps
Power Consumption:
0.35 KW / Hour
Filtration Performance:
99.97% of 0.3 micron particulates
Rotomoulded polyethylene
Plug Type:
3 Pin BS1363
Cable Wrap:
Ductable Intake:
Ductable Outlet:
Power Cord Length:

This air cleaner / air purifier can filter contaminates up to 0.3 microns which include some mould spores and fine soot particles. It can also be effective at removing smoke odour through the use of a carbon filter attachment.

There are essentially 3 levels of filtration inside the unit

Hepa Primary Filter
Changed at least once a year (always used) (this is covered in the cost of the hire)

Hepa Pre filter
Changed on every job. The pre filter is useful for protecting the Hepa filter. It will “pre filter” all the large contaminates before the air passes over the Hepa filter. (always used)

Carbon filter
This is a carbon filter which is installed on top of the pre filter and the Primary filter. It is only used in fire damage and smoke odour removal jobs. Air scrubbers are only effective at removal smoke odour with the carbon filter.

We have a stock of pre filters and carbon filters available for purchase with the hire unit at our warehouse. Our friendly staff can let you know the consumable cost for this.

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