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Low Profile Air Mover

Low Profile Air Mover

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Low Profile Air Mover

9Kg, 457mm H × 229mm W × 610mm D

This unit is a great all-around utility air mover, that can be used on a variety of water damage work. Its low amp draw and portability make it great for both commercial and residential properties.

$- EX GST per day

$- EX GST for seven days

Applications :

Water Damage

Carpet Drying

Structural drying

Mould Remediation


Power :
Voltage :
Max Airflow
1190 m3 /h
Amp Draw :
0.53 Amps
Voltage :
Controls Variable Switch
1190 m3 /h
Housing :
Rotomolded polyethylene and injection molded ABS
Plug Type :
AS/NZS 3112
Cable Wrap :
Power Cord Length :
Water Removal
1190CMH or 700CFM

This air mover provides a great amount of air movement in a portable and compact design.

Low Amp Draw
The Velo draws a small amount at 0.9amps, making it especially useful when power access is limited. 10 of these would be able to run on one GPO!

Compact and Stackable Design
Having a compact design and low weight ensures the air mover’s portability, especially when moving in tights spaces, such as stairs and hallways. Due to its low profile and handle, it can be held like a brief case. It can also stack well, saving space in warehouses and vans

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