Wellington Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration Pack Out

McArdles team were asked to attend site to inspect and provide a quotation and works at a lovely property in Wellington NSW damaged by fire.

The fire was caused by a faulty fridge in the garage.

McArdles met with the client ‘Karen’ out onsite. Dare to say Karen was having better days. The experience and the view a fire damaged property is always different when your are the owner of the property. I can only imagine what Karen and her family were going through at this horrible time.

Our findings and operations at the property are as stated below;

Our decontamination methods as per IICRC S400 standards and training.

Extensive soot and thermal damage were viewed within the dwelling. The thermal damage was confined to the garage, master bedroom and part of the hallway. The soot is visible throughout the property in every single room on horizontal and vertical surfaces affecting all contents within the dwelling. An inventory of non-salvageable contents has been conducted and provided. Due to excessive soot contamination throughout the entire dwelling extensive hand detailing will be required to remove the soot contamination from the salvageable contents within the affected rooms. All the non-salvageable contents once approval has been received will be disposed of in onsite skip-bins.

  • Artwork restoration was performed by “Fame Effects in Orange NSW
  • Hand detailing and dry cleaning of sentimental items (e.g. awards / horse ribbons), will have to be taken offsite to the McArdles facility in Orange NSW to be properly processed with care.

McArdles proposed to pack out the entire dwelling to allow for decontamination and assessment of the contents and storage for salvageable contents in onsite shipping containers. Thermal fogging of the dwelling will be carried out prior to any restoration to assist with odour control. HEPA air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators will be required during our works.

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