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Fire & Smoke Damage

Why You Need Experts To Repair Smoke and Fire Damage in Your Home

 While it may seem the danger has passed after even a small fire, you’re not out of the woods yet. Without bringing in experienced professionalsto immediately repair fire damage, the effects of ash and smoke will quickly wreak havoc on your home, furniture and belongings.


The next 72 hours are critical

Smoke, soot, ash and other fire residues will continue to cause damage to your property after a fire. In seconds, ash begins to discolour most surfaces it comes into contact with. In minutes, plastic appliances and items start discolouring. In hours, fiberglass items and finishes will start to yellow, and metals will tarnish. After a few days ash will permanently discolour walls, upholstery and clothing.


The most dangerous chemicals can’t be seen

Fire smoke carries with it harmful contaminants that seep into surfaces. Just because you can’t see visible ash and soot residue, doesn’t mean hazardous chemicals and odours aren’t present. Acidic and corrosive chemical gasses are both toxic to the human body and damaging to your home and possessions. These chemicals require specialised treatment by a specialist in fire damage restoration.


Save further financial costs by taking action right away

The repair bill for fire damage restoration can quickly skyrocket the longer you leave calling in the experts. Because ash and soot are acidic, the longer they remain untreated, the more damage they will cause.It’s essential that experienced professionals be brought in quickly to repair the damage where possible.


Stay calm and avoid doing these things before help arrives

To reduce further damage to your property, make sure you don’t:


  • Use upholstered furniture (sitting on it can lock in odours)
  • Wipe or wash walls and surfaces (soot and ash require specialised treatments to be removed safely)
  • Walk on sooty carpets or floors without putting a sheet down (grinding soot into carpets can cause further damage)
  • Use electrical appliances in an affected area (they need to be cleaned and checked by professionals)


Give us a call straight away

We’re experienced in the treatment and restoration of fire and smoke damage. We’d be happy to speak with you over the phone to provide further advice and expertise for how you can minimise the damage and save your valuable possessions.


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