As a homeowner, you get used to dealing with everyday problems that occur, but when it comes to water damage, now that’s a different matter. If flood water has damaged your carpets, then it’s essential to deal with the situation promptly and to restore the damage correctly. The good news is that it’s often possible to fully restore water damaged flooring if action is taken immediately. Since water damage isn’t an ordinary matter, many of our customers are unsure of the action to take if they come home to find themselves knee deep in water when they open their front door. So, we thought we’d use this opportunity to answer some of the most frequent questions that we get asked about water damaged carpets. So, let’s dive straight in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No matter what sort of water damage, it’s always imperative to act as quickly as possible. The quicker that water is extracted and removed, the greater the chance of salvaging your carpets and not having to replace your flooring. When we say speed is of the essence, we’re talking 24-48 hours maximum to clean up and dry out the carpet. This involves removing the water and installing professional carpet drying equipment to remove all moisture from the carpet, underlay and sub-floor. If not dried sufficiently there is a high chance that the carpet will start to smell and mould will develop.

To be honest, we can’t give an answer to this question without having seen the damage first hand. For example, if the flood water is relatively clean being the result of say a leaky pipe, this can be cleaned up safely. However, if the water is contaminated having come from a toilet that has overflowed or a flooded river, then it’s unlikely that restoration will be possible. Flooding caused by lightly coloured water, as opposed to black (sewage) water is always less severe. McArdles technicians are fully trained and act following Australian Standards.

All water damage situations are different and need to be assessed individually to determine the most suitable method of drying. The property will be evaluated to determine what is exactly wet. We use moisture detection equipment to determine if the water affected the walls, carpet, underlay, sub-floor or any other materials. The water is then removed with a powerful vacuum designed for water extraction and then antimicrobial chemicals are applied to the carpet to prevent any bacterial or mould growth. Finally, specialised equipment is installed and left at the property for the necessary amount of days until the carpet has reached a dry standard.

Yes, with today’s technology we have specialised drying equipment which enables us to dry the affected areas without removing the carpet. Such equipment includes air movers, dehumidifiers, heat drying equipment (Drymatic II and Drymatic heat mats). To have the ability to dry the carpet from the top down reduces the chance of damage to the carpet.

In a word, yes! It’s difficult to tackle flood water damage without having the proper equipment to extract water and dry out the carpet. An industry professional is better qualified to compete the task successfully and restore your carpet to its former glory.
Here at McArdles we’ve got decades of experience within the industry and offer a 24-hour flood water emergency service. In the event, you need assistance with flooding just give us a call at any time of the day or night, and we’ll be there for you. We have state-of-the-art vacuums and drying equipment, and plenty of experience in dealing with flood water damage. Call us for assistance.

Our goal is to dry the property within three days, however as every job is different based on temperatures, humidity and materials to be dried this could take up to five days or longer. For instance, direct stick carpet with no underlay is going to dry much faster than carpet that is laid on a thick underlay. If we are drying out particle board or timber floors this again is a much slower process.

If the water damage is small, most clients will not file a claim, considering you should pay the excess on your insurance policy it may not make sense to make a claim. In the case of a medium to large water loss, we recommend that you file a claim. The good news is McArdles are happy to deal with your insurance company for you.

Our response time is averaging 30 to 45 minutes depending on your location; we have fully equipped technicians ready to go at any instance strategically located within our service areas.

If your comfortable remain in the home while the equipment is in your home, the answer is yes. For smaller water damage jobs generally, most occupants are happy to deal with the obstruction to their life until the drying is over. The biggest problem here is the noise. For medium to large water damage restoration jobs it is advisable to seek alternative accommodation, not only will it be humid, hot and noisy if you remain at the property this can sometimes slow down the drying process if doors are opened, etc. In this instance, most insurance companies provide hotel budget for you, please check with your insurance adjuster.

We do not have to use any chemicals if you are sensitive to chemicals however in most water damage situations we prefer to apply anti-microbial solutions to eliminate chances of getting mould on your property. Our technicians will consult you before application.

When we deal with sewage, we are talking about grossly contaminated water, containing bacteria, viruses and possible blood pathogens. Therefore, we will follow the set standards for sewage contamination. As a standard if the sewage touched any porous material, that material- item is considered non- salvageable and should be discarded, any non-porous materials/ items like plastic or metal may be cleanable.

Realistically you can; however, we do not recommend turning off the machines, that will prolong the drying process, costing you more. It can also promote mould growth. In some circumstances, we realise this is unavoidable, however, please talk with us first.

Yes, we provide professional pack out, moving and storage in our climate controlled facility. Most insurance companies do cover that service.


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