Fungal growth resulting from water damage prefers to feed on cellulosic materials such as natural fibres and building materials. Many fungal organisms originate as spores (seeds), stimulated by moisture and other favourable conditions such as suitable temperatures, darkness, lack of air circulation and abundant food source; fungi organisms will multiply rapidly.

Fungi will grow on a wide variety of both natural and synthetic substances. Saprophytic fungi are type responsible for organic decomposition.

Fungi cause disease in humans. Coccidiosis and histoplasmosis are fungal diseases caused by inhaled spores that infect the lungs and other internal organs. Athletes foot and ringworm are infections of the skin and nails caused by fungi.

Fungi reproduce by several methods. Some reproduce from cellular fragments of the organisms. Other produce spores which functions like seeds of more sophisticated plants. The spores of fungi are as resistant to chemicals, heat or drying as the spore of bacteria. Fungal spores are likely to be found anywhere. Carpet related fungi grows in the temperature range people find most comfortable at 20 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius. Fungal odours are produced by bacterial action during the microorganisms digestive process.


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