Healthcare | Medical Facility Cleaning Services in Orange NSW & Bathurst NSW

Healthcare Cleaning Services Orange NSW Bathurst NSW
Healthcare Cleaning Services Orange NSW Bathurst NSW

McArdles Healthcare Cleaning Packages are available in Central West, Orange, Molong, Bathurst, Kelso, Oberon, Lithgow, Blayney, Cudal, Canowindra, Cowra, Forbes, Parkes, Wellington, Dubbo, Mid-West Regional, Weddin areas.

Our cleaners adhere to strict confidentiality agreements, security clearance checks, and operational protocols that ensure our medical cleaning services are provided in a highly-controlled environment. We have a proven track record for exceeding industry expectations and incorporating best practice in the sanitation of work environments, and can include the use of swab check kits (such as Biotrace) to verify cleanliness.

Our Services

Our medical cleaning services typically involve cleaning the following areas:

  • reception
  • waiting rooms
  • treatment rooms
  • offices
  • toilet and washroom areas
  • lunchrooms and kitchenettes
  • windows

Why Choose Us?

Punctuality, convenience and price are important factors taken into account by our clients, and they are aspects we take very seriously.

But in the highly-controlled environment of medical facilities, quality control is the key. If quality is taken for granted, it can start to slip. If it’s codified, specified and checked at every step, quality is assured. Our cleaners meticulously follow the right procedures to ensure quality control is maintained.

For any medical establishment, cleaning is at the top of any list of priorities. As in most matters, prevention is better than then cure.

When selecting a Medical Office Cleaning company, it’s important to ensure all your required tasks are clearly communicated. Janitorial provider’s should listen, consult, and iterate the cleaning task list as much as you require. Their priority should be ensuring your expectations are met. Also, make sure this task list is in writing and contractual. Finally, even after the contract has started, a strong line of communication should be open so that adjustments to the task list can be made as needed.

While the cleaning task list is important, there are other details that are vital to a successful cleaning service. Such details should be clearly understood so that you are 100% confident as to how operations are occurring. While there are many to consider, we would like to highlight three.

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What Does Sanitising Entail in Medical Facility Cleaning?

Sanitation means to reduce bacteria presence to safely acceptable levels. However, these acceptable levels are determined by simple public health measures that aren’t always the most stringent. Sanitation in medical facility cleaning can apply to both surfaces, areas, and equipment. But the main thing to remember is that it is intended to prevent infections. Even so, it might not be able to eliminate all type of bacteria or viruses.

When it comes to sanitising medical facilities, it goes beyond simple cleaning. The process of sanitation can destroy more germs and are absolutely vital for food preparation areas. Any surface or area where germs can come into contact with food needs to sanitised as well. Operating rooms and other high-risk zones of your facility will demand even more sanitising and disinfecting.

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Are you in need of medical cleaning tips?

Cleaning an medical center in Orange NSW & Bathurst NSW requires a consistent approach. Cleaning techniques with healthfulness at the forefront is critical. The very nature of high volume foot traffic is a consideration. Furthermore, sick patients translate to more complexity. When patients enter, they should observe a clean space. Sanitized bathrooms are a must. Clean treatment rooms are non-optional. The list goes on!

Medical practices cleaning is a weighty responsibility. A clean space is a healthier space. Of course, a healthy space is important not just for patients, but also staff and visitors. If you manage an Urgent Care center, this article will offer tips on what you might expect from your cleaning company.

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Delivering consistently high levels of hygiene and sanitation is critical to our clients in healthcare.

Infection control plays a significant role in healthcare cleaning services. McArdles methodology strictly focuses on the need to prevent and control infections through safe work practices, protocols, hand hygiene and cleaning procedures. McArdles procedures identify hazards and minimises the risk of infection.

McArdles follows The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) that include important aspects such as relevant codes of practice, statutory requirements and Australian Standards. ACHS’s mission is to promote, in cooperation with health care professionals, the continuous improvement of the quality and care delivered to patients.

McArdles service plan establishes formal lines of communication, personnel qualifications, equipment, safety, performance expectations, and participation in our quality audit program.

We recognise that achieving consistency with our cleaning service is of paramount importance.

The standard of cleanliness for areas in the very high risk category is of critical importance. Within these functional areas there is a very high risk of infection. Cleaning outcomes are achieved through the highest level of intensity and frequency of cleaning and we maintain consistency through stringent quality control protocols.

Service Features
  • Accountability
  • Risk management programs
  • Quality improvement and accreditation
  • Service specification
  • Training and education
  • Occupational health and safety responsibilities
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Infrastructure, maintenance and facility management
  • Auditing processes to measure outcomes
  • New equipment purchases
  • Outbreak management plans
  • Biological cleaning
  • Complying with strict health service infection prevention and control practices and guidelines
Areas of Operation
  • Cleaning operating theatres
  • Sterile environment cleaning
  • Cleaning within CSSD areas
  • DPC, oncology and aphaeresis area
  • CT, x-ray, pathology & pharmacy
  • Cleaning medical & clinic facilities
  • Kitchens, cafes, administration
  • Low and high risk areas
  • Medical waste providers
  • Infection waste handling
  • General area cleaning
  • Physical containment (PC2, PC3) and quarantine containment (QC1, QC2)
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Special Offers

Additional Cleaning Options

Treat your floors and carpets areas maintenance schedule

Commercial carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis. Clean carpets not only give your business a good image, but they also show your staff and your customers that you care about your business and promote a good healthy work environment.

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Oven & Range Hood Cleaning

Depending on your oven special solution designed for your type of oven and the soiling condition will be applied to emulsify the soil. We use a hot detergent, and immediately it starts working to break down sweat and soil. Any potential tricky spots will be pre-treated to increase chances of removal.

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Fabric Office Chair / Dining Chair Clean and Conditioning

We sit in our chairs every day yet very rarely are they cleaned. A good chair is an investment and one you’ll want to have around for a while, so some regular maintenance and cleaning up the occasional spill will keep your seats looking good and lasting long into the future. Our technicians at McArdles are well trained to handle all your upholstery cleaning needs.

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Why Choose McArdles?
• We offer prompt, professional service.
• We have invested heavily back into our business and have the very best of carpet cleaning equipment available.
• All technicians are trained on a weekly basis by the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy.
• We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
• We offer free deodorising with all commercial carpet cleaning work.
• After Hours Service, available upon Request!

We are one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Australia. Trust that we will go above and beyond when cleaning your commercial premises.