To clean ceramic floor tiles:

  1. Prepare the area: Place drop sheets on carpeted areas to protect them from dust and dirt. Dry sweep the tiles to remove thick dust, dirt, and large particles.
  2. Apply cleaning solution: Use a specialized cleaning solution and apply it to all tiled areas. Use a grout broom and scrubbing pads to agitate the area and break down stubborn soiling and lift dirt particles from the grouting.
  3. Use a rotary dual-action machine: Use a rotary dual-action machine, such as the RX20, to clean the tiles. Apply high-pressure cleaning with heat and pressure between 1000 and 3000 psi. Simultaneously extract the dirt and grime from the tiles.
  4. Dual cleaning: In cases of extensive dirt and grime, perform a second cleaning with an acidic solution for best results.
  5. Dry mop and air dry: Dry mop the area to remove excess water and leave the tiles sparkling clean. Place high-speed air movers strategically around the cleaned tiles to ensure thorough drying.

To clean slate floor tiles:

  1. Strip old sealant: Strip any old sealant from the surface of the slate tiles.
  2. Dry sweep and apply cleaning solution: Dry sweep the area to remove dry soils and large particles. Apply a specialized alkaline cleaning solution to the area and agitate with a grout broom and rotary agitation to bring dirt and grime to the surface.
  3. High-pressure cleaning and extraction: Use a truck-mounted machine with a unique tool and attachment to perform high-pressure cleaning and extraction. This simultaneous process applies high-pressure steam and extracts dirty water.
  4. Dry mop and air dry: Dry mop the area and position high-speed air movers for thorough drying before sealing.
  5. Apply sealer: Based on the desired finish, apply multiple coats of a wet look sealer to achieve a high gloss finish.

These professional cleaning methods can help restore the appearance of ceramic and slate floor tiles, making them look clean and rejuvenated. For best results and to save time, consider hiring a professional cleaning service like McArdles Cleaning Services to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process.

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