HVAC Systems

HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) restoration is required in whenever there is a HVAC system installed in a property that has had a fire loss smoke and soot residue go through the HVAC system, and especially in moderate to heavy smoke damages situations, regardless of whether the system was in operation or not. McArdles follows the guidelines and standards of the NADCA ACR 2002 and should be accomplished as close to the outset of work processing as possible.
  • Mechanical components
  • Central trunk line
  • Individual branch runs and
  • Outlet vents
  • Remove and disposable filter(s) of the system
  • Disconnect branch duct and attach flex duct to air mixing plenum.
  • Set up compressor and diffuser louvers
    • Repeat the steps 3 to 4 times
  • Carefully inspect the mechanical component
  • Hand clean all visible surfaces and inlets and outlets
  • Turn off the HVAC blower, close the system outlets and pipe in concentration of ozone gas or hydroxyl into the system for 48 hours.
  • While diffusers are removed, spray painting readily visible sheet metal surfaces with aluminium paint.
  • Re-install all outlets and vents, re-connect mechanical components and run the machine for 48 hours before the structure is re-occupied.

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