McArdles Corporation is the company in the know!

Carpet Cleaning

When you get your carpets, upholstery, tiles or hard surfaces professional cleaned, you want them be the cleanest they could possibly be? At McArdles we have over a decade of experience in getting our clients the best results. We focus on:

Water Conservation – In the areas we operate, Orange NSW and Surrounding districts, water conservation is an issue that comes up frequently. So we’ve developed systems that use 45% of the water of conventional carpet cleaning methods. If your house is on Tank water we are sure you’ll appreciate our water saving capabilities even more.

Faster Drying Times – Due to less water use and higher temperatures of our Steam Extraction Carpet cleaning our drying times are far superior. So you can get back to life as usual much faster in fact our drying times are up to 50% faster.


McArdles hires only dependable, honest and caring cleaning contractors and employees. With us behind the scenes, our customers will always feel happy with a fresh environment.

Office areas, schools, day care centres, medical centres, builders cleans and homes. No job is too big or small!


Under Water to Under Control with McArdles Water Damage Restoration Service. We rush to the scene to prevent further damages from occurring. After years of experience in the community, we know exactly what to do to stand the best chance of saving your belongings.


Weird stain? Funky smell? Ice dams? Pipe leak? Wet basement? Leaky windows? Don’t panic – we’ve got this.

There isn’t much we haven’t seen when it comes to moisture, which means we are well-versed in tracking down the source of even the most mystifying symptoms. Whether you’re experiencing attic ventilation or insulation issues, less-than-pleasant smells or had a pipe leak and need to know how far the water travelled, we can help you.]


Meth testing – We are qualified to detect and eliminate any toxic traces of the modern scourge and we work with testing laboratories for accurate and reliable data every time.