For allergy sufferers in Orange NSW and Bathurst NSW, MasterBlend offers a specialized cleaning system designed to protect and provide relief. With over 5 million Australians suffering from allergies, it’s important to address the indoor allergens that can exacerbate symptoms.

The primary indoor allergen is the faecal matter produced by dust mites, microscopic creatures that thrive in our homes. Dust mites feed on shed skin and can be found in virtually every home, regardless of cleanliness. The bedroom, where we spend a significant amount of time, is a hotspot for dust mite exposure, making mattress cleaning especially crucial.

MasterBlend has developed a family of hypo-allergenic products under the ResponsibleCare™ brand. These products are specifically designed for homes of allergy sufferers and individuals sensitive to harsh chemicals. They do not contain hazardous materials but are derived from renewable fruit and vegetable seeds.

Regular cleaning and treatment of mattresses, upholstery, and bedroom carpets have shown to provide relief to allergy sufferers. In addition to cleaning, the use of Dust Mite Anti-Allergen treatment helps control allergens between regular cleaning sessions. This treatment neutralizes the proteins found in dust mite faeces, which act as triggers for allergies. It’s important to note that this treatment is not a pesticide but rather a solution to combat allergens.

To address the sensitivities of allergy sufferers, MasterBlend has developed Anti-Allergen, Hypo-Allergenic PreSpray for carpets, upholstery, and mattresses. The final removal of soil and allergens is accomplished with the Anti-Allergen Hypo-Allergenic Rinse. These products are free from solvents, perfumes, and other hazardous materials.

When deodorization is necessary, Anti-Allergen Deodorizer can be used. This product does not contain perfumes, solvents, or pesticides but instead utilizes an oxidizing agent to eliminate odors at their source.

MasterBlend’s ResponsibleCare™ family of products also offers solutions for treating the air handling system in a home. Anti-Allergen Duct Wash is a final treatment after professional ductwork cleaning, leaving a non-pesticide solution to control allergens. Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer is a consumer treatment for new filters that aids in trapping allergens without affecting air flow.

These hypo-allergenic products from MasterBlend fulfill a crucial need for professional cleaners, allowing them to provide valuable services to allergy sufferers and individuals sensitive to harsh chemicals. By utilizing these products, professional cleaners can help create a healthier indoor environment for their clients

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