Methamphetamine Testing & Screening in Properties & Vehicles

Methamphetamine Testing & Screening in Properties & Vehicles

Methamphetamine testing & screening for properties and vehicles are available in Central West, Orange, Molong, Bathurst, Kelso, Oberon, Lithgow, Blayney, Cudal, Canowindra, Cowra, Forbes, Parkes, Wellington, Dubbo, Mid-West Regional, Weddin areas.

The Problem

Australia is one of the highest number of meth users in the English speaking world, and that science study was recorded in 2011. In NSW, the number of meth labs has doubled over the past six years; You may not realise it, but the biggest threat to rental properties is not meth labs, it’s meth users. Smoking meth inside a property on a regular basis can contaminate a home and regular smoking of the drug can return contamination readings as high as those produced by a meth lab.

The Solution

The problem of meth manufacturing and use in Australia grows every year. As well as destroying lives, it is devaluing homes. The best way for property owners to protect themselves from liability and financial loss is through meth residue screening conducted by a credible professional. There are four ways we manage the risk and add value:

When you own or are looking to buy residential property, knowledge is power. Building inspections can provide important information about the structural integrity and condition of a property, but they can’t detect meth residue. While a DIY meth residue test kit can give you an indication, only a professional screening provides the detailed information you need.

Signs of methamphetamine in the property;

Meth labs are often in highly populated residential areas so it is important to report any signs of a meth lab or other illegal drug activity. Neighbours living near a meth lab often notice unusual behaviour of their neighbours running the meth lab as well as unusual waste in unauthorised dump sites.

Some warning signs of a meth lab include:

  • Denied access to the area and/or paranoid behaviour

  • Covering and blacking out windows & Guard dogs

  • Chemical smells not normally found in residential areas

  • Waste with a large number of pill packaging

  • Glass containers with dried chemical deposits remaining

  • Increased traffic and late night visitors with unusually shorts stays

  • Coffee filters, pillow cases and sheets that are stained red

  • Frequent burning of waste materials

  • Large amounts of household chemicals

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