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Moisture Inspection

Is Hidden Mold IN YOUR Home Making You Sick?

There can be many reasons for the wet conditions inside the contained spaces of a home where mold growth is occurring. While mold is everywhere, leaky windows, poorly vented attics, basements, inadequate roof flashings, failed claddings or plain old condensation can cause in-wall moisture and mold. It’s the mold growing inside wall cavities that Is most worrisome because it can’t be seen. Moisture intrusion is aggravated in the newer homes because they are constructed so tight the damp area is often not able to dry before it gets wet again.

Molds can affect more than just health, it can destroy the value of your home. If you’ve got mold you need to get rid of it. More importantly, you need eliminate the cause. Find the moisture, eliminate the cause, and clean the mold. Come back later and make sure it’s no longer a problem.

At McArdles, we’re dedicated to doing one thing: Finding moisture sources which lead to mold/fungus growth. Normally, we drill small holes, using electronic probes to take quantitative measurements. However, where sellers won’t allow intrusive probing until a problem is presented, we offer affordable, non-intrusive inspections designed for the fast paced real estate transaction. These non-intrusive inspections will be conducted by a Moisture Intrusion Specialist. We’ll not only document all suspected mold areas, we’ll take an air sample and have results to you within 48 hours.

If you place an offer on a home, or you suspect your current home is making you sick, contact McArdles before other inspections to save time and money. We’re here to make sure your home is healthy.