McArdles Restoration team recently conducted a two-day mould cleaning project in Lithgow. The team prepared the surfaces for a fresh coat of paint, ensuring a clean and safe environment for the residents. The project was initiated when Judy found us through a Google search for mould cleaning and remediation. After conducting a thorough inspection, we identified the cause of the issue and recommended the necessary steps to rectify it. Judy and her family were a pleasure to work with, and we were thrilled to see her positive reaction upon returning home.

When it comes to mould remediation, porous materials with significant mould damage should be removed and discarded, while materials that can be cleaned may be remediated if necessary. Air-based methods, such as HEPA filter vacuum cleaning and air washing, can be employed to physically remove contamination. Liquid-based methods, including damp-wiping with a detergent or steam cleaning, utilise water and mechanical action for cleaning. Non-porous and semi-porous materials that are visibly mouldy can generally be cleaned and reused. For odour control, ozone or hydroxyl treatment, combined with proper drying and recommended cleaning methods, can be effective.

Fungi and mould come in various forms, with over 6000 genera and an estimated 1.5 million species. These microscopic organisms can manifest as yeasts, mould growth, mushrooms, and other visible structures. Mycology, the study of fungi, encompasses medical mycology and environmental mycology. When dealing with indoor and outdoor fungal species and understanding mould contamination in buildings, it is important to consult an environmental mycologist.

In any mould remediation process, addressing the underlying cause of moisture that supports the growth is crucial to prevent future recurrence. The goal is to return surfaces to their normal state before mould contamination, rather than sterilising them. Containment, personal protective equipment (PPE), hazard contamination, and cleaning guidelines should be tailored to each specific remediation job, ensuring adequate protection measures are taken.

For mould remediation services in Lithgow and other areas such as Orange NSW, Bathurst NSW, Cowra NSW, Parkes NSW, Forbes NSW, Dubbo NSW, and the Central West NSW, McArdles provides a comprehensive range of services, including mould remediation, mould removal, mould testing and sampling, laboratory testing, and mould containment prevention.

Our team is dedicated to delivering effective and reliable mould cleaning solutions. Contact us today for a free site survey and quote. We are here to assist you in restoring a clean and healthy environment for your property.

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