Mould Contents Cleaning

The goal of mould cleaning is to bring items and materials back to normal (before contamination) conditions. The purpose is not to sterilize an item or necessarily improve its appearance.

On-site cleaning eliminates the cost of packaging, transporting and storage but may extend the remediation period and has an increased risk of cross contamination. In-plant cleaning minimise the time before structural drying can start, which can drastically reduce the time required to reinstate the property back to conditions prior mould contamination.

Remediation of Materials

Non-Porous and Semi Porous Materials

Non-Porous materials and semi porous materials that are visibly mouldy should be able to be cleaned and reused.

Porous Materials

Porous materials with mould damage to more than a small area (>1m2) should be removed and discarded. Materials that can be cleaned can be remediated if necessary. But should be discarded is possible. Porous materials that are remediated and returned to site should be dry and free of mould and with no remaining odour and should be periodically inspected to ensure the restoration was successful.

Odour Control

Ozone or Hydroxyl treatment is used for odour control, then the item must first undergo restoration by drying and removing the mould growth with the recommended cleaning methods.


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