Mould Remediation at Jenolan Caves NSW

Mould Remediation: An In-Depth Look at Restoration and Safety

Mould infestation, especially in public buildings like ticket offices, poses a health risk to the employees and the public. Understanding the importance of timely mould remediation is critical, especially after incidents like flooding. McArdles Restoration Services offers an exhaustive mould remediation service to tackle such challenges. Here’s a detailed case study to help you understand the process and its significance.

Case Study: Mould Remediation at Jenolan Ticket Office


Jenolan Ticket Office, situated at the far end of the guide’s office, faced an unfortunate incident when the nearby area flooded. While the guide’s side of the building was promptly cleaned, the ticket office remained untreated.

Initial Conversation:

Randi, representing the Jenolan Ticket Office, contacted JCRT to discuss possibly inspecting the ticket office to determine if reopening the building to the public was a feasible option, considering safety standards. They were keen on acting fast, hoping to restore the building within the next month or two. Zara, the project manager for this initiative, was also looped into the conversation.

However, it was critical to note that access to the site was still limited, with escorted entries and exits available only between 8 am and 6 pm.., implying potential delays.

Site Inspection:

On Thursday, 9th March 2023, a thorough site inspection revealed that the office desperately needed extensive mould remediation and restoration. To ensure public safety, a comprehensive plan was put into action.

Scope of Works for Mould Remediation & Structural Drying:

Attendance One:

  • Deploy a team of 5 Technicians dedicating 95 hours, with provisions for additional days for subsequent inspections and collections.
  • Containment Barrier Installation: To segregate the affected area from the rest of the building and prevent mould spores from spreading.
  • Air Filtration: Installation of HEPA Air Filtration Units, Hydroxyl Units, and placement of the environment under negative pressure. This process is crucial and would run for an estimated seven days.
  • Material Removal: Non-salvageable structural materials like plaster walls, skirting boards, etc., and porous items like contents, carpet, underlay, blinds, etc., would be removed.
  • Cleaning: Employ HEPA Vacuum and abrasive cleaning methods for internal wall cavity frames—wet wiping, sweeping, and wet cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings, and fixtures.
  • Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Treatment: This is crucial for achieving fine droplet sizes to ensure penetration into dense areas, cupboards, cavities, and carpets.
  • Chemical Treatment: Use mould encapsulation chemicals and sealants to prevent future infestations for wall cavities and brick walls.
  • Structural Drying: An estimated seven days will remove any leftover moisture that could lead to further mould growth.

Day Two (after the initial seven days):

  • Monitoring: Return inspection to check moisture levels and decide on the removal of equipment.
  • Clearance Testing: To ensure the area is mould-free, Air Monitoring testing and sampling will be done by AirSafe Australia.

Time Frame and Requirements:

  • 4 Technicians would dedicate 105 hours spread over seven days.
  • Given the urgency, after-hours and Sunday allowances would be factored in.

How McArdles Can Help:

McArdles Restoration Services is renowned for its adeptness in handling mould remediation projects. With cutting-edge equipment, trained professionals, and a holistic approach, they ensure that the affected areas are cleaned and restored to a safe standard. Their systematic approach ensures minimal disruption while ensuring maximum safety. In a situation like that of Jenolan Ticket Office, having experts like McArdles at the helm is pivotal.

In Conclusion:

Mould remediation isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about restoring safety. Delays can compromise the structural integrity of the building and pose severe health risks. With professionals like McArdles by your side, you can ensure your facility is free from mould and safe for the public and staff. If you suspect mould growth in your establishment, act fast and seek professional help!


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