Mould Sampling Guideline

Air-O-Cell Sampling

Air-O-Cell is a linear spore trap with an impaction trace and is used for the collection of airborne bio-aerosols including fungi, pollen, and particulates.

Spore traps are appropriate for air sampling at the beginning of an investigation to set a baseline and as a final check for clearance sampling.
They can also be used for monitoring during the remediation process.

A suitable pump, such as the Zefon Biopump Plus is attached to the cassette. The pump should be capable of drawing 15 litres of air per minute.
It is attached to the cassette that contains a microscope slide with a glue where the impaction trace is formed as the bioaerosol is caught.

The table below has suggested times for various environmental conditions.

Suggested Sampling Times

Environment Flow Rate Duration
Outside 15 LPM 5–10 Minutes
Clean Room 15 LPM 10 Minutes
Indoor – Occupied 15 LPM 5 Minutes
Basement or Dusty Room 15 LPM 3-5 Minutes
Wall Cavity 15 LPM 1 Minute

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