Cleaning Service for Home

We know that every home is different and has specific accommodations and routines. All of our cleaners are experienced and fully trained to clean your home the best way, taking into consideration your surroundings and lifestyle, to make you feel as if you have cleaned yourself, but without the hassle!

Of course, we know that letting someone into your home it’s a big deal. That kind of trust is reserved only for family and friends. Here at McArdles, we take your safety and peace of mind very seriously. That’s why all of our maids are background and reference checked, insured, and bonded also.

You can book your cleaning service easily, just in a few clicks. Our online system is fast and practical, so you don’t have to worry about calling. Choose between a single time cleaning or a recurring cleaning for a more low price (you can pick weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly packages).

House Cleaning Orange NSW

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Organising and cleaning an entire house on a regular basis can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for working professionals. To make your work easier, we are offering you the most reliable, thorough, and professional cleaning solutions across Orange NSW & Bathurst NSW and


Regular or Lite Cleaning

This type of cleaning service is the most popular of our Orange NSW cleaning services. We recommend this service to our repeat clients who have a regular scheduled cleaning arrangement setup with us. The whole idea behind it is that keeping regular cleaning service appointments ensures a clean apartment and requires less time and effort for each visit. Your cleaner will  follow your instructions on what you might want done each visit. Most of our regular clients will prioritize and have different areas of their home cleaned each time.It’s a very flexible and convenient apartment cleaning service set up. We have no cleaning contracts and we never charge extra for cleaning insides of appliances etc,everything you want cleaned,will get cleaned.


Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning is our heavy duty, intense, Orange cleaning service and is recommended to customers who need to have a miracle done. Seriously,.. what other cleaning companies refer to as deep cleaning we classify as ordinary. Our deep cleaning service involves everything that can be cleaned.We will schedule two or more professional cleaners deep clean and provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment.This type of cleaning service is one of the best options we offer, second only to our post construction cleaning services.

Deep Clean House in Orange NSW

A deep cleaning service is recommended for houses and offices that haven’t been cleaned in a while, for first visit cleanings, or before and after an event. Practically, a deep clean is needed whenever there’s been a lack of a professional clean that’s lasted weeks or even months.

We provide for you a complete checklist of all the cleaning tasks this service covers. From dusting window frames to disinfecting bathroom surfaces, our maids will put special attention to detail. Although this service can be really expensive, we always stay under your budget and focus on your personal cleaning goals with an hourly rate.

Of course, we only sent to your home or office highly rated maids, background and reference checked, so you don’t have to worry about letting us in at your place. Also, you can easily schedule your service in our online booking system.

Our high touch point disinfectant service includes disinfecting all frequently touched areas, including  but not limited to

  • Door knobs & handles
  • Appliance keypads & handles
  • Light Switches & plates
  • Window handles
  •  All faucets
Spring Cleaning in Orange NSW & Bathurst NSW

Online Estimate

Online Estimate

Whenever your carpet needs freshening up to look its best, then don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. McArdles with their friendly approach and efficient service are the perfect company to help you with all manner of carpet steam cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet restoration and general carpet cleaning.


Do you want a makeover of your home? Want to tidy up your place? McArdles is here to help. We offer the top-quality services when it comes to spring cleaning in Orange NSW & Bathurst NSW. Our spring cleaning solutions are best for those who want to get their house cleaned quickly and easily. Whether your guests are visiting your house or you need to brighten up your place, or you need to remove stubborn stains from walls, you can contact us because we are your #1 cleaning experts. We’ll do everything to leave your home dust and germ-free.

You can count on McArdles Cleaning & Restoration Services to answer your questions and handle any cleaning job you require!

Here are some services we provide:

McArdles Cleaning & Restoration Technicians are the “face” of our business and more than likely the people you will have the most contact with. All of our technicians are highly trained – not only in the professional services they provide, but also in customer service. We see staff technical training as being a very important aspect of our service and hold frequent training sessions where all of our staff have the opportunity to develop and extend their knowledge.