The team at McArdles was called in to restore the environment of an Orange shopping centre that had experienced water damage due to heavy rain. The multi-story building was affected on all levels, with various areas experiencing different degrees of damage.

Starting at the entrance way, water had come down from the floor above, causing ongoing leaks onto the floor around the air conditioning system. In Collins Bookstore, water had entered from the upstairs shop, resulting in wet carpet tiles in certain areas and wet ceiling panels, some of which were splitting. The bookstore owner reported approximately 30 damaged books.

Moving to the upstairs foyer, water had entered from a collapsed ceiling in a neighbouring jeweller’s shop. This caused water damage in the foyer area. In Drew Davidson Jeweller, the ceiling had collapsed completely, leading to flooding throughout the shop and debris scattered on the floor and among the contents. Additionally, water had entered through the ceiling in the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) office and was travelling through the air-conditioning ducts.

The first step for the McArdles team was to extract all standing water and remove any dirt and debris. Once the area was cleared, they began setting up equipment to facilitate the drying process. The team utilised Drymatic II machines, which emit hot dry air into the ceiling cavity, effectively drying the floor covering and the structure. To further enhance the drying process, Drymatic Boost bars were also used, some equipped with a 4-port kit to direct hot air into wall cavities.

By increasing the temperature of the wet materials, moisture evaporation is accelerated, and when combined with the elevated environment temperature generated by the Drymatic II machines, the overall drying process becomes more efficient.

The McArdles team worked diligently to restore the shopping centre, ensuring that all affected areas were thoroughly dried and brought back to their pre-water damage condition. Their expertise and use of advanced drying equipment allowed for a swift and effective restoration process, minimising the impact on the businesses and enabling the shopping centre to reopen as soon as possible.

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