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Our 10 Steps

10 Step Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Process

McArdles Carpet & Restoration Services uses the 8 step steam cleaning process to eliminate and remove sand, dirt, dust mites, pollens, mould and bacteria as well as odours & stains.

1. Visual Assessment – Our professional technicians will thoroughly inspect your carpets for any stains or areas of concern. We will then offer advice, answer any questions and provide a full evaluation.

2. Preparation of Cleaning Areas – We’ll move your furniture as stated below.

3. Pre-Vacuum – We use an industrial upright vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filtration system.

4. Pre-Spray – A high quality pre-spray will be applied directly onto your carpet using a sprayer. All our carpet cleaning products are non-toxic and wool safe approved. (Allergy Protection)

5. Spot Removal – Our experienced technician will then treat any spots and stains that require further attention using a wide range of methods and solutions.

6. Steam Extraction – All areas are thoroughly steam cleaned, leaving your carpets feeling soft, free of residue and ready for drying.

7. Buffer Drying – (only on synthetic carpets :https://www.mcardles.com.au/carpet-styles/) – Brings your carpets dryer and cleaner!

8. Replace Furniture – Each piece of furniture will be returned to its original position. Foam blocks or tabs are placed under each leg to protect your furniture and carpet.

9. Grooming – Fluffs up your carpet and makes it look nice, as well as facilitates faster drying.

10. Deodorising & Finishing Touches – When the carpet cleaning process is complete a deodoriser is applied, leaving your carpets with a pleasant fresh scent.