Packaging, Transport & Disposal of Medical Waste

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Organizations, professionals, and workers will adhere to all relevant federal, state, provincial, municipal, and environmental regulations regarding how to package, transport, and dispose of medical waste. The regulations and guidelines may vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction. In cases where the various regulations and guidelines conflict, organizations, professionals, and workers will comply with the most stringent regulations, guidelines, or this Standard. Professionals will follow all special requirements when dealing with wastes that originate or may originate from a source that has highly transmissible infectious or contagious diseases. There are certain microorganisms identified as Biosafety Level 3 or 4 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that are beyond the scope of this Standard and require specific training, procedures, equipment, and disposal methods.

Regulated Infectious or Potentially Infectious Waste

For the reasons for the norm, this waste will be characterized as follows :

  • Fluid or semi-fluid blood or other possibly irresistible materials (OPIM)

  • Sullied things that might hold onto blood or other possibly irresistible materials in a fluid or semi-fluid state

  • Things that are hardened with dried blood or other possibly irresistible materials

All regulated waste generated from an injury and crime scene cleanup project will be properly packaged and disposed of in a correct manner. All infectious or potentially infectious waste will be placed in a suitably colored biohazard bag labeled with the biohazard symbol. It will be deposited into an approved biohazard container with the appropriate biohazard labels and symbols. All packaging will be sealable and capable of secure transport without leakage or opening. Any non-contaminated items should be disposed of as ordinary commercial waste in compliance with local regulations.


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