Painting Contractors in the Central West NSW

McArdles Painting Contractors is a family-run painting and mould cleaning company based in Orange of the Central West NSW.

We provide painting and decorating services in our local area Orange, Bathurst, Wellington, Forbes, Parkes and Surrounding Areas. Furthermore we undertake industrial and commercial painting and projects all over the NSW with our dedicated team of experienced painters and decorators.

Our Painting Services

  • Residential painting
  • Maintenance painting contracts
  • Mould cleaning and repainting surfaces
  • Spraying & hand-painting
  • Internal & external painting

McArdles Painting Contractors undertake a wide variety of jobs within the painting and decorating industry. Not only do we specialise in homes of all sizes inside and out. In addition to these services, we have experts in our team who specialise in hand-painting and spraying.

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Ceiling & Wall Preparation Work;

Mould Cleaning & Ceiling Painting;

Post Mould Removal & Cleaning – Painting Service

Stain & Mould Blocker is a water based, fast drying, powerful stain blocker for a wide range of oil based stains. It has been specifically formulated to inhibit mould & mildew growth.

Use on interior & exterior surfaces including paper-faced plasterboard, timber, MDF, chipboard, plywood, aged enamel, brick, render, masonry, concrete, cement sheet, Zincalume®, galvanised iron, uPVC, aluminium, previously painted surfaces and suitably primed steel. Blocks oil based stains such as food & beverage, grease, graffiti, crayon, rust, lipstick, markers, ink & mould stains.

Remove as much of the stain as possible by cleaning with Selleys® Sugar Soap, sanding or, scraping. PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES Scrape off loose and flaking paint. Wash with Selleys® Sugar Soap, to remove grease and grime. Fill nail holes and cracks with a suitable filler, then sand smooth. BARE TIMBER INCLUDING WEATHERBOARDS & HARDBOARDS Sand bare timber to a clean surface and dust down. Fill nail holes and cracks with suitable filler, then sand smooth and dust off. CHALKY SURFACES Sand back to a strongly bound surface and dust off. HIGH GLOSS OR HARD, AGED ENAMEL SURFACES If required sand to a dull finish. PLASTERBOARD, MASONRY, MDF, RENDER, CONCRETE, CEMENT SHEET, SUITABLY PRIMED STEEL, GALVANISED IRON & ZINCALUME® Fill holes and other imperfections with a suitable filler, sand and dust off. Allow cement render and concrete to properly cure before priming.

One of the biggest post-flood dangers to the health of a property and its inhabitants is mould growth. A flood in a domestic or commercial property grants mould ideal conditions in which to thrive, with the risk to human health being proportional to the exposure time experienced and the species and the density of airborne spores. Most properties have mould in some form or other – often hidden behind surface finishes, in voids and within stud partitions. Whether your mould infestation comes as the result of flooding or just general damp and moisture in your home, Ideal Response can help.

In some cases, before work can begin, a survey of the affected site must be carried out to determine the level of the infestation. Mould contamination is rated according to the size of the affected area:

  • Level 1 – contamination with a total surface area less than 1 square metre
  • Level 2 – contamination with a total surface area between 1 and 10 square metres
  • Level 3 – contamination with a total surface area greater than 10 square metres
  • Level 4 – contamination within a HVAC system

Though only operations involving remediation above Level 2 require a qualified and experienced indoor environmental hygienist, mould growth can very quickly get out of control in any building and a Level 2 contamination can rapidly turn into a Level 3. We can respond to mould remediation callouts within twenty-four hours, and with over ten years’ experience in dealing with both black and toxic mould damage, Ideal Response are the people to turn to should you discover an infestation.

Sadly, no. Soap and water is just not enough to remove black mould permanently. It needs to be treated to avoid mould occurring in the future. Simply wiping black mould will not fix the underlying issue of what is causing mould to form in the first place, excess moisture and poor ventilation. It will not matter how much you try to disguise black mould by manually cleaning or painting over it, wiping black mould will only perform a very temporary solution before recurring again and again. To tackle black mould, identifying and treating the cause of the moisture and improving ventilation when used with effective sterilisation solution.

Mould Painting Orange NSW

High quality painting and decorating – with a smile!

As a company, providing a trusting and understanding environment to our clients is an essential part of our ethos. Our team of professional and friendly painters and decorators make this possible; we recognise that our employees are our greatest asset. Our painters and decorators are meticulous and efficient, delivering high quality results meeting and exceeding your expectations with a smile. These are key characteristics that McArdles Painting Contractors is based on. Moreover we ensure that all staff have extensive experience in painting and decorating and are qualified. We invest funds and encourage all staff to progress their skills.

Providing Residential & Commercial Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning Services to the following areas:

McArdles Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning packages are available in Central West, Orange, Molong, Bathurst, Kelso, Oberon, Lithgow, Blayney, Cudal, Canowindra, Cowra, Forbes, Parkes, Wellington, Dubbo, Mid-West Regional, Weddin and more.

Why Choose McArdles?

• We offer prompt, professional service.
• We have invested heavily back into our business and have the very best of carpet cleaning equipment available.
• All technicians are trained on a weekly basis by the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy.
• We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
• We offer free deodorising with all commercial carpet cleaning work.
• After Hours Service, available upon Request!

We are one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Australia. Trust that we will go above and beyond when cleaning your commercial premises.