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Pet Odour Removal

McArdles recommends that we arrange a free inspection to evaluate the extent of the problem. The remedial action changes on each individual basis.

In our experience customers often underestimate the pet odour removal requirement. Pet urine may cause a large increase of indoor bacterial contamination.  It is imperative that all the affected areas are identified, cleaned and disinfected. This issue becomes even more pressing where small children or babies are present in the home.

When a pet deposits urine on the carpet it is a big problem. Not only does it stain the carpet yellow (which is often permanent), the urine affects the carpet backing, the underlay and the floor underneath. As the urine dries, urine crystals are formed underneath the carpet. When these crystals get into contact with further moisture, a very unpleasant odour results.

pet odour removal

The moisture travels down.

McArdles technicians may have to use a black light to identify affected areas not visible with the naked eye.

The pet odour removal starts with steam cleaning of the affected areas of the carpet.

As mentioned before, if there are yellow stains visible, these stains may be permanent.

There are times where the carpet has to be lifted. Our technicians may remove and replace affected areas of underlay. The backing of the carpet as well as the floor is cleaned and disinfected.

We then saturate the urine affected carpet with our pet urine treatment. The P.U.R.T chemical gets into contact with the affected carpet, underlay and floor. The ingredients in P.U.R.T. will chemically react with the urine. This process will remove the urine odour over a period of 48 hours.