Preparing your facility against Coronavirus

The Corona Virus Threat is still at large, and, as scientists across the world scramble to develop vaccines, its time to batten down the hatches and step up the hygiene to reduce the chances of infection in shared residential environments.

Unfortunately as in all epidemics, our elderly and young are the most vulnerable, particularly when living in or attending shared facilities. We have created these guides to help facilities managers and staff best ensure they and their residents are guarded from infection as much as possible.

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The restoration industry has extensive experience in assisting individuals and organizations when their lives have been disrupted by catastrophic events such as floods and fires. Therefore, it is no surprise that clients are turning to restoration professionals to assist them in properly responding to the coronavirus pandemic referred to as COVID-19. In such circumstances it is imperative that restoration professionals be clear about what their services can, and cannot, accomplish for the client.

Cleaning is an essential part of disinfection. Organic matter can inactivate many disinfectants. Cleaning reduces the soil load, allowing the disinfectant to work.

  • Removal of germs such as the virus that causes COVID-19 requires thorough cleaning followed by disinfection.
  • The length of time that SARS-COV-2 (the cause of COVID-19) survives on inanimate surfaces will vary depending on factors such as the amount of contaminated body fluid – such as respiratory droplets – present and environmental temperature and humidity. In general, coronaviruses are unlikely to survive for long once droplets produced by coughing or sneezing dry out.

It is good practice to routinely clean surfaces as follows:

  •  Clean frequently touched surfaces with detergent solution (see diagram attached).
  •  Clean general surfaces and fittings when visibly soiled and immediately after any spillage
Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19

While this advice is sourced from trusted industry partners, there are many unknowns surrounding the current Coronavirus crisis. If you think you may have a case of infection, you should seek expert medical advice.