Project Documentation & Recordkeeping

Documentation and record-keeping will vary with each undertaking; however, regardless of the size and scope of the project, meticulous documentation and record-keeping are essential when developing the project scope, carrying out the work, and completing the project. Professionals should record everything possible for the company’s protection. Detailed work or activity logs should include a description of who did what, when, where, how, and for what duration. This should encompass entry and exit logs, where applicable equipment logs or similar reports that include a description of all equipment, materials, supplies, and products used on the project, the quantity and duration used (where applicable), and other relevant information. Documentation reflecting customer approval for the use of antimicrobials (biocides and sanitizers), including consumer “Right to Be Informed” information, records of pressure readings throughout control areas, and records for the purpose of sterilization and remediation should also be maintained.

  • Crisis alleviation approval contract

  • Pertinent insights regarding the reason for misfortune

  • Documentation of the sort and degree of harm and pollution

  • Documentation connected with project restrictions or deviations from consistence with this Standard

  • Composed suggestions or specialized determinations from particular specialists


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