Psychrometry is a sub-science of physics relating to the measurement or determination of the thermodynamic properties of air/water mixtures (e.g. humidity and temperature). Measuring and evaluating these properties enables Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) to better analyse and manage conditions during drying.

Psychrometry Laws

  1. Second Law of thermodynamics;
    • states that in an isolated system concentrated energy disperser over time to lower energy areas. Energy dispersal also means that differences in temperature, gas pressure, and water vapour attempt to even out until equilibrium is achieved. The second law implies that heat does not flow from a cold material to a hot material; it only flows from hot to cold.
  2. Dalton’s Law of Gases;
    • states that (one) within a mixture of gases, each gas occupies the same overall volume and (two) atmospheric pressure is the sum total of the partial pressures of various gas components (e.g. nitrogen, oxygen, argon, moisture vapour, radon).
  3. The Ideal Gas Laws;
    • are a combination of several laws of which Robert Boyle’s and Jacques Charles’ laws are more relevant;
      • Boyle’s law; basically states that for a fixed mass of an ideal gas (water vapour being one) at a given temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional.
      • Charle’s law; deals with the behaviour of ideal gases at relatively low pressure and relatively high temperatures.
    • The Ideal Gas Law explain why (one) equipment being used at 5280′ elevation (e.g. mile-high Denver, CO, USA) will not deliver the same volume of air as it would at o’ elevation (i.e. sea level) and (two) how a vacuum freeze dry chamber causes solid ice to sublime, becoming gas without going through the liquid state.

Theses laws account for many things we see in everyday life, including weather patterns, vapour movement in the air, and moisture movement in materials.

Please see below image of a Psychrometry Chart


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