In addition to our 100% money back guarantee, what makes our team deliver the best outcome for our customers is because we live by the same core values that is a non-negotiable option.

Give your carpets the royal treatment with our Premium Care Service.This is an eleven-step process that includes a 15 minute heavy spot treatment service. It is ideal for people who are looking for a more thorough clean.. It’s a great deal for people who are looking for the best Carpet Cleaning service in NSW.

In Australia, millions of people suffer from severe allergic reactions and asthma symptoms. The main cause of these symptoms is dust mites. They are known to cause severe symptoms such as coughing and panic.

With over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, McArdles has developed a revolutionary method that uses high-pressure cleaning to remove grime and make your floors look fresh and new.

Many households consider their pets as an integral part of their family. This means that they regularly stay inside the house and produce their own cleaning products.

We offer a rug cleaning service that uses hot water extraction. This method is very effective in removing dirt and stains from your rugs.

There are some upholstery fabrics that are very delicate to clean.

This service is ideal for those who are suffering from urine odour problems. However, we cannot guarantee that this will completely remove the issue. For this reason, we only offer this service if the problem is minor and could be solved with a full-service carpet cleaning

We specialize in stain removal, which includes removing 99% of all types of stains. Some of these include: red wine, oil, grease, beer, soft drinks, custard, toilet paper, paint, urine, and more.

If you’ve ever had dry cleaning and been disappointed? The dry fusion carpet cleaning method is best in Europe!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

McArdles Cleaning Services is the Central Wests premium carpet cleaning specialists!

We all know; getting your carpets cleaned isn’t the most exciting process on the planet. At McArdles Cleaning Services, we try our best to make this process run smoothly from start to finish! It’s our desire to make the job extremely efficient with a minimal “downtime” to you and your lifestyle as possible.

Residential Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

McArdles Cleaning Services has been in operation over 25 years and have a life time of experience in getting our clients the best results.

Starting as a small family business we’ve been able to listen carefully to our customer’s requirements and optimise our cleaning systems to meet the most stringent demands. We know that not all carpet cleaning jobs are the same.

We have developed several carpet cleaning packages of which one is sure to suit your needs.

Should you have any questions or would like further information, please be sure to contact our office on 02 6361 8447.

Move Out Clean Standard Service Premium Care
Pre-Inspection Carpet Evaluation
Careful Movement of Furniture
Pre-conditioning and Spot Treatment
Rotary Agitation
Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning
Deodorising and Neutralising
Rotary Dry Padding
Replacement of Furniture
Final Grooming
Drying Fans
Free Spotting Bottle
Cleaning Report

Let’s share some answers to the three most commonly asked questions we receive almost every day

How often should we get our carpet cleaned?

Every carpet cleaning job is different since how we live in our homes is vastly different from house to house. Perhaps you have a new born baby, or toddlers running around the house creating a mess, are you an allergy sufferer or the new owner of a puppy or kitten, or maybe you have given up on your children taking their shoes off at the door. As you can see each situation is unique, therefore each one of you could require a different answer to this question; however, most carpeting manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning of your carpets every 6 to 12 months.

Aren’t all carpet companies the same?

No. As with any industry, carpet cleaning companies can vary from the person who has just got into the industry who wants to have a go, the high-volume franchises and the premium high-value services. There are five important values which distinguish a real carpet care professional from run-of-the-mill carpet cleaners: Reputation, Experience, Education, Systems, and Guarantee.

Reputation & Experience
McArdles has a Reputation that is second to none. McArdles Cleaning Services are experienced in cleaning all carpet and fabric types, as well as every soiling condition that is known to our industry. Combined, our staff has over twenty-five years of on-site experience.

Training & Education
McArdles takes Education seriously, we are trained by the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy on a weekly basis, and all staff are certified by the IICRC which is the world’s most recognised body of certification for carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Equipment & Systems
McArdles Systems are the most advanced on the market, getting maximum soil removal and maximum spot removal without leaving a sticky residue or over-wetting your carpet.

Our Guarantee
McArdles offers a 100% money-back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will return at no charge to address the problem area. If you are still unsatisfied, we will honour our money back guarantee. Through these five values, we can provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever.

What makes McArdles so Unique?

The bottom line: what makes McArdles so unique is the quality of the whole experience, from the moment we meet until we say, “Goodbye and thank you.” We care just as much about your experience as you do. We want so much more than simply satisfied customers; we want cheerleaders. Experience the quality of McArdles services, and you’ll see for yourself why the difference between us and our competitors is obvious.

The bottom line: what makes McArdles so unique is the quality of the whole experience, from the moment we meet until we say, “Goodbye and thank you.” We care just as much about your experience as you do. We want so much more than simply satisfied customers; we want cheerleaders. Experience the quality of McArdles services, and you’ll see for yourself why the difference between us and our competitors is obvious.

Steps to Cleaning Explained

On arrival, our trained technicians will perform a cleaning evaluation on your carpets. They will identify your carpet construction, carpet fibre, and age, stain and spot survey and observing any problem areas and confirming what needs to be cleaned and the best type of cleaning method of service that best suites you.
Our technicians carefully move furniture with furniture sliders which helps protect your furniture, Furniture Items that can easily be shifted will be moved, and the carpet underneath will be cleaned; we can move beds, side tables, dressing tables, coffee tables and more…

We must let you know, however, that items that have a flat surface in direct contact with the carpets, cannot be moved, and cleaned under, then placed back, as the carpet will not dry in this area, and can cause a colour transfer from the item of furniture to the carpet. All these details can be expanded upon to address your home, upon inspection with our technician.

Vacuuming is an essential step. We use a hospital-grade SEBO, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filtration upright vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush head. This will be used to remove about 74 to 79 percent of the loose soil and debris in the top and bottom fibres of the carpet.
The pre-conditioning agents are applied to the carpet ‘hot’ which starts breaking down the soil particles, Our team is trained by the Australian Cleaning & Restoration Academy to know how best to address your trouble spots. Spot removal is simply the removal of common marks such as mud, food and grease.
Rotary agitation is a must to get the bests clean out of your carpets. A rotary soft brush or rotary soft agitation pad is coupled with a rotary scrubbing machine to loosen soiling from the carpet fibres. This process cleans the carpet at least 50% better.
We use the state of the art Rx-20 hot water extraction (steam cleaning) equipment, so we can ensure high levels of heat and suction, enhancing results. No expense has been spared with our top of the line large petrol truck mounted steam extraction machines (worth over 60,000 dollars each), and high heat powerful portable carpet cleaning machines. Expect your carpets to be cleaner and dryer with McArdles Cleaning Services.
Your carpets are neutralised with a neutraliser to ensure your carpet is not left sticky, and the PH of the carpet is at an acceptable level to avoid further problems. You can also choose from our wide range of scented fragrances to deodorise your carpets, adding that finishing touch and smell. We recommend the vanilla fragrance.
We will use a rotary dry pad machine to dry your carpets to ensure there is no additional moisture and reduce the drying time. Rotary dry padding the carpet also aids in picking up any remaining remnants of soiling stops any chance of carpet discolouration from wicking and brightens your carpets leaving them up to 20% cleaner.
Furniture items that have been shifted are moved back to their original position. Foam blocks and protective tabs are stocked underneath your items to create a layer of protection as the carpet does its final drying. This step ensures no further damage to your carpets or furniture items. These can be removed and disposed of when the carpets have sufficiently dried.
The finishing touch is the carpet grooming. This process maximises visual effect and helps with the drying time. Grooming the carpet is just another way McArdles Cleaning Services shows you we care about the condition of your home.
Our professionally trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge and state-of-the-art drying products that can help dry your carpets faster. This step is not an essential step but does help the process, the process is applied at step eleven, this helps the evaporation rate of your carpets.

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