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Having a moisture test performed on your property can help you make educated decisions on how to proceed with difficult projects.

We use the thermal cameras in conjunction with state of the art moisture meters to ensure that areas of concern are actually wet. We can then confirm whether the variance is caused by a problem that needs to be addressed.

We will dry your water damaged timber floor and help prevent cupping. To do this, we will dry not only the timber floor, but the sub-floor as well.

Sometimes it can take time for the concrete to cure and dry after new construction. Failure to do so can lead to costly mould and indoor environmental problems.

A mould inspection is usually required before mould removal is commenced because we need to ensure the source of the mould is corrected first.

Mould can be harmful to health of nearby occupants so it can be important to identify the mould present at your property. McArdles can help with onsite testing, to laboratory analysis and mould identification, to helping you fix your mould problem.

After a water or fire damage event in a home we can go through the contents with you present to determine what is realistically recoverable.

Filtrate air and remove contaminates up to 0.3 microns which include some mould spores and fine soot particles. McArdles can also be effective at removing smoke odour through the use of a carbon filter attachment.

Mould Remediation Experts

Mould Detection & Removal Services

Mould is a fungus that can grow on anything that is wet or moist. According to the NSW Government (, there are more than three hundred thousand types of mould species of mould. It can cause a lot of health issues, if not treated immediately. Mould contamination is a major cause of concern to all the businesses of all kinds of different sizes. We at McArdles take a systematic and methodical approach to assess and identify the source of the mould problem and help you to eliminate the mild from your property or business.

What are the signs that should be looked for in your building?

The major reasons why you should check for moulds includes the following:

  • A recent flood or water damage can cause mould.

  • If you have leakage inside the building or in the outside of the building, due to broken pipes or due to air conditioning systems.
  • If you get a musty odour inside your building.
  • If the walls and ceiling have water stains or if they have discoloured.

Mastery in Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration Services

Floods, plumbing leaks, storms, broken pipes, sewerage backup and appliance malfunctions are a few causes for water damage.

These unexpected damages can cause destruction to your business or home.

McArdles is a company that has an expert team that works efficiently to help you to keep the doors of your business open or help keep your home liveable, while we carry out the restoration process, so that you can keep continuing the business and provide for your family and your employees at times of such an emergency.

Water Damage McArdles
Thermal Imaging Moisture

What are the causes of water damage?

Water damage can happen due to the following reasons:

The causes for water damage can be one or more of the above mentioned disasters, or any other reason but the consequences will be same if action is not taken immediately. If you do not take action immediately, the entire property can be at risk within minutes from the incident. Within just a few hours, the pressed walls may show swelling and disintegration, along with bacterial odour, spread throughout your home. If you still ignore water damage for a span of a few days, the water will cause severe complications to the building and you might even experience secondary damages, which will further result in excessive costly and disruptive repairs.

  • Structure failure

  • Severe Weather

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Burst or broken pipes and hoses

  • A blocked toilet

  • Moisture behind walls

  • A leaking roof

  • Foundation cracks

Fire & Smoke Damage Removal Service

Price is not everything. Experience is.

We know that watching your business or home light up on fire can be an extremely traumatic experience and one might be at a loss of mind as to what to do. We at McArdles are well-trained and highly experienced to guide and support you through your tough times. We provide you with complete step-by-step knowledge of our restoration process so as to suit your requirements.

It is often believed that a fire can only burn your property along with important items present at the venue. But we at McArdles would like to tell you that apart from fire, there are a large number of other problems that can cause major damage to your property, as well as your health along with that of your employees.

Some of the major damages that can be caused due to fire:

  • Ash and smoke can cause major damage and corrosion to the materials and therefore they should be removed at the earliest.

  • The odours caused by burnt items and the smoke particles remain in the air up to a long time after the fire has been extinguished. These smells and smoke odours can cause harm to your health.
  • It hardly takes any time for the walls, floors, equipment’s and all other areas of the affected area to turn yellow in colour.
  • Smoke can tarnish metal easily and also happens to cause etching on glass.

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