McArdle's Cleaning & Restoration Services were the experts called upon for a Vinyl Strip and Seal job

Revamping the Foundation of Fun: McArdle’s Vinyl Strip and Seal at Waratah Early Learning Centre

Ensuring that the foundation of where our children play, learn, and grow is as safe and clean as possible is a priority for any childcare centre. The Waratah Early Learning Centre in Orange NSW 2800, known for its commitment to providing a nurturing and educational environment for little ones, recently undertook a vital maintenance task to keep their facility in top condition. McArdle’s Cleaning & Restoration Services were the experts called upon for a Vinyl Strip and Seal job. Waratah Early Learning Centre.

About Waratah Early Learning Centre

The Waratah Early Learning Centre, nestled in the heart of Orange, is a haven for early education. With a philosophy that combines nurturing care with a curriculum designed to foster development, this centre is a prime example of an institution that invests in the future of its children. Information on their website and the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) highlights their dedication to high standards of care and education, which undeniably extends to the upkeep of their facilities.

McArdle’s Scope of Work

McArdle’s task at the Waratah Early Learning Centre was precise and methodical, ensuring that the OOSH rooms where children engage in various activities were not only visually appealing but hygienic and safe. Here’s how McArdle’s approached the job:

  1. Inspection: McArdle’s professional technicians started with a thorough assessment, understanding the type of tiles and the condition they were in. This step is crucial for tailoring specific methods and chemicals for optimal cleaning.
  2. Area Preparation: In consultation with the centre, a plan was crafted, and the area was prepped for the job. This involved moving furniture and taping up areas to protect them from the sealing process.
  3. Dry Soil Removal: The rooms underwent an exhaustive sweep and vacuum. Removing dry soil is a vital step in the cleaning process, ensuring that subsequent steps are practical.
  4. Stripping the Floor: An appropriate stripping solution was applied to the floor, giving it time to break down the old sealer. Then, the solution, along with any residue, was extracted using specialised equipment.
  5. Agitation: The old layer of sealer was scrubbed off using a slow-speed polisher and stripping pad, ensuring that the floor was prepped correctly for the new sealer.
  6. Cleaning, Neutralising and Drying: Post-agitation, the floor was cleaned, treated with a pH-neutralising solution, and dried using influential air movers to ensure no moisture would interfere with the sealing process.
  7. Sealing: Finally, a high-quality sealer was applied in several layers. McArdle recommends at least eight layers for longevity before the need for resealing arises, ensuring the floors are durable and continue to look their best for longer.

By engaging in this detailed and thorough process, McArdle’s has helped to ensure that the Waratah Early Learning Centre maintains not just the aesthetic appeal of its floors but also the health and safety of its environment. It’s a behind-the-scenes yet critical aspect of caring for the well-being of children.

The freshly sealed vinyl floors provide a clean, shiny surface that is not just pleasing to the eye but also easier to maintain, reducing the likelihood of bacteria and dirt accumulation. This attention to detail and maintenance reflects the overall ethos of Waratah Early Learning Centre – where every detail matters when caring for children.

If you’d like to learn more about the services McArdle offers or the Waratah Early Learning Centre’s commitment to excellence in child care, visit their respective websites. It’s a partnership that underlines the importance of quality in early childhood education and care.

By taking such proactive and diligent care of the physical environment, Waratah Early Learning Centre, with the help of McArdle’s Cleaning & Restoration Services, ensures that their educational spaces reflect their high standard of excellence, allowing parents to rest assured that their children are in the best of hands, from the ground up. Check out our Testimonials!

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