Rug Cleaning

Our Technicians Can Clean My Area Rugs in My Home or Business ?

It is possible to clean certain synthetic area rugs on location, except those with natural fibre backings (such as Jute), especially if they are very large or have a lot of heavy furniture on them.

We prefer to clean all area rugs in our plant. It is then possible to thoroughly clean both the back (some exceptions apply), and edges of rugs picked up or brought to our plant, without concern for wood floors, furniture, etc. These rugs are then hung to dry in our drying room, a procedure which would be impossible to re-create in your home.

Area rugs of any fibre type that contain animal or human urine MUST be cleaned in our plant to treat them for odours and bacteria. Stains from urine are permanent on types of rugs and carpet, although it is possible under some conditions to significantly lighten them.

All natural fibre rugs such as wool, cotton, silk or sisal must be removed and brought back to our plant for washing. These fibres require much longer drying times and a significant amount of extra care to produce a quality washing without damaging the rug. Some of the risks involved could include dye migration, cellulose browning, improper drying, bacteria production, damage to floors, etc. These are risks that neither the homeowner nor the business owner should assume.


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