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In-home Rug Cleaning Service in Orange NSW & Bathurst NSW

McArdles Cleaning Services provides a professional rug cleaning service for your home or business; this in-house rug cleaning service is only for those everyday rugs that the family is using on a day to day basis. These rugs are often made from the materials polypropylene or acrylic.

Prestige rugs or delicate rugs (Valued $400 and upwards) is recommended to be cleaned off-site at our factory.

McArdles In-Home Rug Cleaning packages are available in Central West, Orange, Molong, Bathurst, Kelso, Oberon, Lithgow, Blayney, Cudal, Canowindra, Cowra, Forbes, Parkes, Wellington, Dubbo, Mid-West Regional, Weddin areas.

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Our Onsite Rug Cleaning Service Process


Pre-Inspection Rug Evaluation
Our trained technicians will perform a cleaning evaluation on your rugs. They will identify your rugs construction, fibre, age, and conduct a stain and spot survey and observing any problem areas and confirming what needs to be cleaned and the best type of cleaning method of service that best suites you.


Vacuuming is the most essential step. We use a hospital-grade SEBO, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filtration upright vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush head. This step removes between 74 to 79 percent of the loose soil and debris in the top and bottom fibres of the rug.


Pre-Conditioning and Spot Treatment
The pre-conditioning agents are applied to the carpet through a steam hydro-force sprayer which starts breaking down the soil particles and traffic lanes, our team is trained by the Australian Cleaning & Restoration Academy to know how best to address your trouble spots. Spot removal is simply the removal of common marks such as mud, food and grease.


Rotary Agitation
Rotary agitation is the best way to clean of your rugs, if this step is missed then we can only say that your rug is not cleaned properly. A rotary soft brush or rotary soft agitation pad is coupled with a rotary scrubbing machine to loosen soiling from the rug fibres. This process cleans the carpet at least 50% better.


Hot water extraction steam cleaning
We use the state of the art Rx-20 hot water extraction equipment, this equipment provides high levels of heat and suction, greatly improving results. No expense has been spared with our top of the line large petrol truck mounted steam extraction machines (worth over 50,000 dollars each), and high heat powerful portable carpet cleaning machines. Expect your rugs to be cleaner and dryer with McArdles Cleaning Services.


Deodorising and neutralising
Your rugs are neutralised with a neutraliser to ensure your rugs are not left sticky with chemical residue, and the PH of the rug is at an acceptable level to avoid further soiling. You can also choose from our wide range of scented fragrances to deodorise your rugs (apple, cherry, vanilia), adding that finishing touch and smell.


Final grooming
The finishing touch is the rug grooming. This helps remove cleaning effects made from cleaning and helps with the drying time.

Additional Services Available

Fringe Cleaning

Our detailed process can help brighten the fringe and often return the fibres to like new again. (most commonly cotton).

  • Cost: $5 per linear metre
    (Good Condition)

  • Cost: $10 per linear metre
    (Bad Condition)

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Stain Treatments

Our professionally trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge and state-of-the-art products that can treat a large number of stains with our speciality stain removal service. Using an arsenal of safe and effective stain removal products with the most innovative equipment, McArdles can remove tough stains out of carpets, rugs and upholstery for good. Our technician will work on your stains using any necessary products and equipment charged at…

  • Cost: $66 per 15 minutes
    15 Minutes free if no results.
    (Minimum Charge $66)

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Rotary Dry Padding

We will use a rotary dry pad machine to dry your rugs to ensure there is no additional moisture and reduce the drying time. Rotary dry padding the carpet also aids in picking up any remaining remnants of soiling stops any chance of carpet discolouration from wicking and brightens your rugs leaving them up to 20% cleaner.

  • Cost: $1.00 per m²
    (minimum charge $33)

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Clean Carpet Sanitiser

Clean Carpet Sanitiser is a must to kill any bacteria that may reside within your carpet leaving your home healthier and smelling better. The sanitiser contains three antimicrobial agents that help in reducing and controlling the growth of various fungi and bacteria. This treatment also offers odour counteractants that help in neutralising different types of unpleasant odours. If your carpet has been affected by bacteria (perhaps from children, pets, vomit or water damage, or the last carpet cleaner has left it wet), cleaning the carpet without the antimicrobial agents may reactivate the bacteria and have your carpet smelling worse than before.

  • Cost: $1.00 per m²
    (minimum charge $33)
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Carpet Protection (wool and nylon carpets only)

Rug protection works by repelling dirt from the carpet fibres and preventing them from absorbing the spills. Rug protector also helps prevent wear and provides ultraviolet protection to reduce fading in sun-exposed carpets (12-month guarantee) Carpet protection will protect the rug from soiling, oil, water and dye spots. It is applied by spray application, dries quickly and leaves no odour. It is non-toxic and safe to use around family and pets.

  • Cost: $16.50 per m²
    (minimum charge $66)

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Urine Odour Treatment

When urine goes into a rug, it does not simply evaporate. The urine leaves bacteria and salt deposits within the rug fibres and rug backing. The bacteria and salt deposits are the cause of the horrible smell. What happens when salt deposits absorb moisture this then creates a reaction in which produces the odour. This could be through high humidity or perhaps another steam cleaner.

To successfully remove the odour problems the bacteria and salt deposits must be eliminated. If it is a mild case this can be done with a top-down treatment; however, severe cases the rug may have to be cleaned off-site at our factory and be a full urine submerged treatment.

  • Cost: Quoted as a case by case basis
    (minimum charge $66)
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Pet Oil Treatment

A lot of Australians consider the pet as an integral part of their family, which means that the pet lives inside the house and sleeps on the carpet, leaving pet oils and certain smells. If you want to reduce or remove the smell, we can offer the right solutions.

  • Cost: $10.00 per m²
    (minimum charge $66)

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Allergy Treatment

One major contributor to allergy symptoms is dust mites. This is a pet allergen that is ubiquitous to homes with pets. This common allergen causes adverse reactions in most people. Allergy symptoms range from inconvenient to life-threatening, and they all detract from the quality of the sufferer’s life. Professional allergy cleaning can rid your home of dust mites.

  • Cost: $10.00 per m²
    (minimum charge $66)

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Why Choose McArdles?
• We offer prompt, professional service.
• We have invested heavily back into our business and have the very best of carpet cleaning equipment available.
• All technicians are trained on a weekly basis by the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy.
• We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
• We offer free deodorising with all commercial carpet cleaning work.
• After Hours Service, available upon Request!

We are one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Australia. Trust that we will go above and beyond when cleaning your commercial premises.