McArdles - Stainless Steel Cleaning: A Guide for Professional Cleaning Services

Stainless Steel Cleaning: A Guide for Professional Cleaning Services

Stainless steel is a chosen material in numerous commercial establishments due to its sleek appearance, durability, and resistance to rust and corrosion. Nevertheless, it requires regular upkeep to maintain its pristine shine. For businesses like McArdles Cleaning Services, which cater to various commercial spaces in New South Wales, mastering the technique of stainless steel cleaning can significantly enhance service quality.

Here’s how McArdles, a seasoned expert in the cleaning industry, ensures immaculate stainless steel surfaces in commercial facilities:

1. Understand the Grain

Stainless steel has a grain — akin to wood. These are the fine lines running in a specific direction on the surface. Always clean in the direction of the grain to avoid scratching and efficiently remove dirt and residue.

2. Tools & Materials Used

  • Soft microfibre cloths
  • Warm water
  • Mild detergent or dishwashing liquid
  • Stainless steel cleaner (MUST)
  • Glass cleaner (for fingerprints)

3. Basic Cleaning Procedure

  1. Wipe Down with Warm Water: Wet the microfibre cloth with warm water, wring it out, and wipe the stainless steel surface. This often removes various smudges and marks.
  2. Apply Mild Detergent: If water doesn’t suffice, use a mild detergent. Rub gently over the stainless steel, always in the direction of the grain.
  3. Rinse and Dry: After cleaning, rinse the cloth and wipe the surface to remove detergent residues. Immediate drying prevents water spots.

4. Addressing Fingerprints

Fingerprints are common on stainless steel, especially in bustling areas. McArdles’ solution:

  • Use a minimal amount of glass cleaner on a microfibre cloth.
  • Erase the fingerprints, following the grain.
  • Dry promptly.

5. Employing Stainless Steel Cleaners

McArdles might opt for commercial stainless steel cleaners for persistent stains or a polished surface. These cleaners offer a protective shield, resisting smudges for more extended periods.

  • Abide by the manufacturer’s instructions during application, ensuring alignment with the grain.
  • Remove excess and buff for a polished look.

6. Refraining from Abrasives

McArdles always steers clear of abrasives like steel wool. They can be detrimental, causing scratches on stainless steel. Bleach or chlorine-containing agents are also avoided due to their corrosive nature.

7. Tailored Cleaning Schedules

The traffic and utility of a space dictate the frequency of cleaning. For instance, McArdles adjusts their cleaning schedules based on the commercial environment – daily for busy restaurant kitchens or weekly for offices.

McArdles offers services across various areas, including Orange, Bathurst, Cowra, Parkes, Forbes and Surrounding Areas. Check out their service areas to know more.


With its contemporary allure, stainless steel remains an evergreen choice for commercial spaces. For veteran cleaning services like McArdles in Australia, it’s crucial to adhere to best practices. Ensuring pristine stainless steel surfaces become effortless with the proper knowledge and tools.

McArdles Cleaning Services guarantees satisfaction with its meticulous attention to detail, whether catering to daily cleaning needs or spaced-out schedules. After all, a spotless stainless steel surface reflects the epitome of professionalism and care. For comprehensive commercial facility cleaning, reach out to McArdles.

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