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Leather Cleaning Orange NSW & Bathurst NSW

Tips for Avoiding Leather Furniture Sun Damage

Sun and leather furniture are not friends. They do not usually mix well. Exposure to too much sunlight may lead to fading and drying. While leather wear and tear can’t be avoided, sun damage can definitely be prevented.


Fading is usually seen in semi-aniline and aniline leathers. This is a common problem with these types of leather furniture, particularly when your furniture is placed next to a window that gets considerable amount of sunlight. In just four to six months, you can see fading in semi-aniline and aniline leather furniture if you put expose them to sunlight.


Sun can cause drying to almost any type of leather. Whether your leather furniture is fully finished or not, sunlight can cause drying because it can slowly evaporate natural oils in the leather. When the leather gets dry, it will stiffen and crack.

Fading and drying are two common problems caused by exposure to sunlight. This does not mean, however, that you have to live in darkness 24/7. It just takes preventive ways to avoid sun damage. Here are the simple things you can do to avoid leather sun damage.

Keep your leather furniture shaded

This is the surest way to protect your leather furniture from sun damage. Place your furniture out of direct sunlight to avoid drying and cracking. This is especially true if you have semi-aniline and aniline type leather furniture. If you cannot move your furniture to a shaded part of your home, at least close blinds to not allow sunlight come in during the hottest and sunniest time of the day.

You should not use dark colours to cover your leather furniture because dark colours absorb more light. You can also apply commercial tinting film to your windows to block ultraviolet rays. UV rays cause the most damage to leather.

Keep your furniture from heat source

You should move your furniture away from heat sources like furnace or fireplace. Long term exposure to heat sources can also lead to drying and cracking.

Clean and protect your leather

Regular cleaning and conditioning help your leather furniture prevent sun damage. Having it cleaned by a professional leather cleaning company like McArdles Cleaning Services can make sure that your leather is thoroughly cleaned and protected.

Our professional leather cleaners can make your furniture looks both elegant and beautiful. Whether you have protected leather (aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented, and finished leather) or any other type, we can clean and protect it. Our leather protection products are the best in the industry. We use water-based leather protection cream to extend the life of your furniture.

How to Identity Leather?

Aniline (A) or porous leathers
Use a fingernail, bone spatula or equivalent to lightly scratch or roughen  the leather surface. If the scratched areas turns to a lighter colour and the leather is plain surfaced (no pile), then it’s likely an aniline type. Alternately you can rub a wet surface, such as wet bone spatula or wet your finger, into the leather. If it darkens somewhat, and then dies back to the original colour, again it’s probably aniline type. Other aniline leathers may be known as unprotected, naked or raw; or even crust.

Protected (P) or non porous leathers
use a fingernail , bone spatula or equivalent to lightly scratch or roughen the leather surface. But unlike aniline leather, it the scratched area does not change colour or lighten, then it is finished or protected leather. Alternately you can apply a leather cleaner or conditioner in an out of the way location. The leather care product should no markedly alter or change colour to the leather. An aqueous (water) based cleaner will usually bead up on the shiny leather surface (if any protection is remaining) of a protected leather.

Nubuck (N) leathers
This type of leather will have a soft, very low and uniform pile or softly “micro-sanded” surface. It can appear similar to a microfiber textile fabric, very low pile velvet, or even to some aniline leather. Also if you wet the surface slightly, nubuck will darken noticeably. It may dry back to the original shade or slightly darker, depending on how the nubuck leather was finished. Nubuck are generally porous leather, but can be finished with a fluoro-chemical to provide some resistance to water penetration and staining.

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