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Uncovering Hidden Dangers: Decontamination Cleaning

The art of cleaning isn’t just about eliminating dust and grime; sometimes, it delves into health and safety. One such project recently took us to Jindalee Avenue, Orange, NSW. To say the property was neglected would be an understatement. The state of the house posed severe health risks to its occupants, as was evident from the abundance of insects, faeces, and urine spread across the premises. A sheer accumulation of clothing, furniture, and rubbish made movement nearly impossible, emphasizing the dire need for intervention.

The Health and Safety Implications

Before diving into the project’s specifics, it’s crucial to understand the health and safety issues such properties present. Aside from being repulsive, feces and urine are breeding grounds for bacteria and pathogens that can cause serious illnesses. The accumulated clutter becomes a haven for pests like rodents and insects, escalating the health risks.

When it comes to hoarder properties, the dangers aren’t just microbial. The sheer volume of accumulated items can result in physical injuries. Trips, falls, or even things toppling over can cause grave harm to occupants or visitors. In a way, such properties trap their residents, both mentally and physically.

Embarking on a Herculean Task

Our assessment determined that a comprehensive decontamination cleaning was vital. Given the vast amount of rubbish, debris, and accumulated items, we estimated a strenuous three-day job. Armed with Level 4 PPE, the highest protective gear ensuring our safety, we delved into the task. The immense volume of discarded items warranted a massive 20 cubic metre skip bin on-site.

Our services cover the following:

  1. Rubbish and Debris Removal: The space needed clearing before any cleaning could begin. Years of accumulated litter, food waste, and general rubbish were methodically removed.
  2. Floor Treatment: The carpet had become a significant health hazard, requiring complete removal, including the underlay and tack strip.
  3. Intensive Decontamination: Every inch of the property – from floors to fixtures, walls, doors, and windows, both inside and out – underwent an exhaustive cleaning process.
  4. Specialised Cleaning: Bathrooms, kitchens, and other specific areas received focused cleaning, ensuring every tile, cabinet, and appliance was spotless and hygienic.
  5. Advanced Treatments: Our mission was to leave the property clean and healthy. ULV fogging treatment and bacteria treatment were administered to ensure odour removal and bacterial elimination. HEPA air filtration units worked diligently throughout the cleaning, purifying the air.

Ensuring Methodical Execution

The methodology employed adhered strictly to the Australian Health Department Guidelines. We commenced by cleaning all surfaces with a keen focus on high-touch points. A rigorous disinfection phase followed this. The ULV fogging machine, which plays a pivotal role in odour elimination and microbial disinfection, was used for the primary cleaning.

To ensure the highest standard of cleaning, we used a combination of specialized equipment and consumables. A full-face respirator, complete with HEPA filters, ensured our team’s safety, while an assortment of detergents, disinfectants, and cleaning tools ensured the property’s transformation.

The Outcome: A Beacon of Hope

Kelly, the property’s landlord, witnessed the transformation of the house she rented out. From the despair of seeing it deteriorate into a hazardous environment, she watched it evolve into a sanctuary of health and cleanliness. Her gratitude was palpable, and her relief evident. Such transformations aren’t just about cleaning; they’re about restoring value and dignity to properties and, in turn, changing lives.

In Conclusion

While this project was challenging, it underscores our commitment to health, safety, and cleanliness. At Jindalee Avenue, we didn’t just clean a property; we reclaimed a home. Remember, when approached methodically with the right tools and expertise, no task is too daunting.

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