In addition to our 100% money back guarantee, what makes our team deliver the best outcome for our customers is because we live by the same core values that is a non-negotiable option.

Fire Damage KitchenA heat line is a visibly identifiable board line found in some structures where high temperatures were present during combustion.

While flames can cause significant damage to homes, many people often forget about smoke damage and soot damage.

McArdles always pre-test surfaces to determine which option to choose, and the time required for restoration

McArdles utilises many different types of of equipment to help perform the best quality job and outcome for the client

Soot is a component of smoke, the oil that the fire casts into the air when synthetic materials burn. Synthetic materials make up of the majority of every home, so any common house fires generate massive amounts of soot

Understanding the Job

McArdles strives to provide the best service possible for private customers, insurance companies, third party agency, loss adjusters and building firms by

  • Putting ourselves in the clients shoes
  • Making contact the clients as soon as we have received a job
  • We never be rude or brusque with the client in these stressful times.
  • We keep constant communication with the client on a regular basis to keep them informed about the progress on their house and contents.

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