At McArdles Cleaning & Restoration, we recently had the opportunity to perform a vinyl strip and seal job for Sheerandiance in Orange, NSW. This process involves removing the old sealer, thoroughly cleaning the floor, and applying a fresh coat of shiny new sealer. By revitalising the flooring, we were able to give it a clean and fresh appearance.

Over time, the constant foot traffic causes the sealant to wear thin, requiring the floor to be resurfaced. Our strip and sealing process involves removing the old sealer and applying multiple layers of new sealer to the floor.

To ensure the best results, we use safe and high-quality floor stripping solutions specifically designed for vinyl and terrazzo floors. These solutions effectively remove old polishes and sealers.

Vinyl floor cleaning and sealing are popular services for both commercial and residential customers in Orange, Bathurst, and the Central West. Sealing your vinyl floor provides protection against scratches, chemicals, dirt, and other damage.

It’s important to note that vinyl sealing doesn’t last forever and requires regular maintenance. We recommend having your vinyl inspected and maintained by a professional cleaner every 6 to 12 months. This will ensure that the sealer is in good condition and effectively protects your vinyl.

Chemicals and dirt pose a significant threat to vinyl floors as they can penetrate the grain of the vinyl, leading to irreversible damage. Regular maintenance and proper cleaning are essential to prevent such issues. If neglected, the vinyl may need to be completely stripped and sealed or even replaced.

At McArdles Cleaning & Restoration, our vinyl cleaning and sealing process includes a thorough inspection to assess the condition and type of tiles. We prepare the area by shifting furniture and protecting surrounding areas. Dry soil removal is a crucial step, followed by stripping the old sealer and agitating the floor to remove it effectively. The surface is then cleaned, neutralised, and dried before applying high-quality sealer in multiple layers.

Our goal is to provide exceptional results that last. With our deluxe cleaning service, we ensure that your vinyl floors never have to be stripped and resealed again. We offer full initial proposals, options after inspection, and a maintenance proposal after the first cleaning and sealing are completed. With our comprehensive approach, you can enjoy long-lasting and beautiful vinyl floors without any worries.

Choose McArdles Cleaning & Restoration for your vinyl floor cleaning and sealing needs in Orange and Bathurst. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and maintaining the beauty of your floors.

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