Water Damage Caused by Fridges in Orange NSW, Bathurst NSW, Forbes NSW, Cowra NSW

Water damage caused by a leaky refrigerator can be a hidden problem that often goes unnoticed until it becomes severe. The refrigerator’s position against the wall and floor obstructs our view, making it difficult to detect water damage unless a visible puddle forms. In this article, we will discuss what to expect when facing water damage caused by a fridge, how to repair it, and whether insurance coverage applies.

Refrigerator water damage usually occurs gradually rather than suddenly. Over time, the plastic water line behind the refrigerator may develop cracks or weak spots, leading to a slow leak. This continuous drip of water can result in progressive damage to the floor and wall beneath the fridge. Other common causes include leaks from the ice maker or condensation. Even minor condensation can cause significant harm to walls and floors. The insidious nature of water damage lies in its silent progression over extended periods.

The necessary repairs depend on the extent of the water damage. If the water has only been present for a short time, mopping it up and allowing the surfaces to dry may be sufficient. Properly drying the flooring and walls is crucial to prevent mould growth. However, if the fridge has caused long-term water damage, it may be necessary to completely remove and replace the flooring and drywall. This can be a costly undertaking, especially considering the potential for mould growth. It is advisable to consult a professional for a thorough assessment and repair to ensure proper restoration.

Regularly checking and maintaining your fridge is an effective way to prevent water damage. Clearing away dust and debris from behind the unit and inspecting the water line for any signs of hard water buildup are recommended. Upgrading the plastic water lines to braided steel supply lines can also reduce the risk of leaks. Additionally, investing in a battery-operated water alarm can provide added protection. Placing the alarm behind the refrigerator, under the kitchen sink, and behind the dishwasher can alert you to any water contact, preventing prolonged exposure and permanent damage.

Unfortunately, typical homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover slow leaks caused by appliances like toilets, ice makers, freezers, or fridges. Coverage usually applies to damages resulting from sudden and accidental leaks or malfunctions, rather than damages attributed to negligence. Burst pipe damages may be covered, but repairing the pipe itself may not be included. To mitigate the risk of refrigerator water damage, it is essential to follow preventive measures, conduct regular maintenance, and consult with your insurance provider regarding coverage specifics.

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